How to wear a corset?

leather corset

In the last few years, there has been a tendency to encourage the wearing of oversized clothes or very voluminous clothes, clothes that somehow depersonalize the female essence. It is precisely because of this that the idea of a new and revolutionary femininity has been creeping in in recent months.

The corset becomes an everyday garment and this process continues... The corset has an image of a garment that is extremely difficult to combine. Many women think that the corset is a vintage item that cannot be included in the list of everyday looks, but this is not the case. Creative modern designers have proven that the corset can be easily integrated into any look.

Even some of the most famous fashion brands proudly demonstrated the beauty of the corset. Versace offered models that are perfectly combined with a down jacket or coat. Dior decided to offer leather corsets to their fans.

We live in times when fashion doesn't impose strict rules on you but gives freedom to your imagination, that's why the corset can be absolutely anything - with long or short sleeves, it can be made of cotton or leather. The corset can be worn on its own element or in combination with a shirt, blouse and even a dress.

printed corset

green corset

The corset makes us stylish and elegant, but its "hidden" function is to hide the flaws of our figure. It emphasizes our waist in a unique way. With the corset, you will improve your posture and hide your belly.

What corset models are available?

1. Belt-type corset. Visually, this corset looks like a belt, but it is wider than standard belts and has a zipper.

2. A classic corset that completely covers the chest. This model can be worn absolutely anywhere and for any occasion.

3. Corset to below the chest. This model visually increases the chest (bust). This is a good alternative for girls who have a problem with their breasts.

Yes, the corset tightens the stomach and straightens the posture, but this does not mean that you should buy a size smaller than yours. It is important that when you wear the corset you can breathe and move normally.

And now let's see what to combine the corset with:

1. No matter whether the corset is white, red or black for a casual look, the corset complements perfectly with pants or jeans. The pants can be low-waisted or high-waisted, but if you choose high-waisted pants or jeans, please note ,that the top of the pants should be hidden under the corset. This look will look harmonious with sandals.

red corset

2. The corset fits perfectly into a business look. You can complement the look with tight trousers or a skirt. You can put some white shirt or blouse under the corset and you will surely impress everyone with a modern and elegant look.

white corset

3. Corset can be a very "strong trump card" when choosing your romantic look. Complete the look with a mini skirt and high heels. You can also choose a puffy skirt that reaches the knees or a little lower. If on the other hand, choose a white corset with some lace elements, and you will look like a real princess!

4.A corset is absolutely acceptable for an evening look.Just put on your favorite dress and put the corset over it.You can also use satin blouses, but it is good to contrast with the corset.

5. If you are invited to a party, add leather pants to the corset. This way you will emphasize your sexuality.

purple corsets

6. Use a satin or silk corset if you are invited to coffee or a meeting with friends. Note! I just want to add that corsets with bright colors or leather corsets are suitable for evening time. During the day, choose discreet models of neutral colors (white, black, beige) and with a simpler cut.

Personally, I think the corset was created for the ladies with more luscious shapes. They just look gorgeous. If you are such a woman, you can combine your corset in the following way:

- Long skirt in the floor in combination with a corset and blouse.

- A corset in combination with classic pants will make your look slimmer and visually elongate your figure.

- If you have thrown your high shoes somewhere in the wardrobe, then definitely take them out of there, because high shoes will complete your perfect look with a corset.

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