Combining clothes with different colors.

Color combinations in clothes

The combination of colors in clothes - how to choose the right clothes according to their color?

In this article we will learn how to choose our clothes by color, to combine accessories from the wardrobe and to properly combine the colors in the clothes to create a harmonious and elegant look.

Do you know how to properly combine and match the colors in your clothes? Can you quickly pair a tie with a shirt or blouse with a skirt ? Many of us have difficulty choosing color combinations in clothing. Even stylists recognize that the ability to choose the right clothes by color is not an easy task. Without delving into the art of color matching, let's try to come up with a few simple rules for choosing colors in clothes that will allow you to quickly and easily tastefully combine things in your wardrobe.

When choosing clothes by color, know that a white shirt or blouse is an absolutely safe option. This is the thing that goes with clothes of all colors and shades: pastel and bright, simple and unusual, warm and cold. A white shirt or blouse made of quality material will give any look elegance. It is suitable for both business look and casual wear.

Color combination with white

Combinations of clothing that combine gray with bright, saturated colors can look extravagant. Gray slightly muffles attractive tones and ennobles them. Therefore, if you have accessories or clothes with a bright color in the wardrobe, you can safely combine them by going to buy something "gray", especially since this color is very relevant this season. And what else to combine bright and colorful clothes, we'll find out later.

For fans of unusual solutions, the above rules for choosing clothes by color are too boring and do not allow play with bright colors. We want to advise these people to combine "proven" color pairs in their clothes: green with red, yellow with purple , blue with orange. These colors in the clothes are perfectly accompanied, they will help you stand out while staying within good taste.

Be careful when experimenting with brightly colored pants! The lower part of each toilet is its base and here it is unacceptable to cross the line of good taste. And with "colored" pants it's very easy to go wrong and look "badly dressed"! That is why it is better to adhere to this rule in clothing: the lower part of the dress should not be brighter in color than the upper. We recommend that you wear the pants in noble colors, because with them you will always look elegant.

How else can we combine the colors of our clothes? Try to play around with the color palette, taking into account some of the most common color combinations.

Classic combinations

For example, the one-color combination of colors in clothes suggests that your clothes will be dominated by one primary color, but in the whole variety of its shades. Combine items of clothing in such a way that your look has a variety of shades of your favorite color: dark and light, pale and saturated, bright and muted.

You can choose clothes by color based on the achromatic concept of matching colors in clothes. At the same time, the main colors are white, black and gray, which are perfectly combined with each other and with a variety of other colors and shades. A variety of colorful accessories will help you make the look more interesting. If you are a more conservative person, then the main elements of the wardrobe should be in only two colors - black and white. Remember that white clothes make the outline of the figure more visible, while black clothes will visually make your figure slimmer.

For the more daring ladies we recommend to combine orange - blue, red - green, yellow - violet. However, this combination of colors does not oblige you to use only bright clothes. After all, these colors are rich in different shades, both bright and muted, both dark and light. The combination of scarlet and emerald is also very successful. Less determined ladies can expand the color scheme of their wardrobe by experimenting with combinations of light, muted tones, such as pale lilac with light brown.

When choosing clothes by color, the compatibility not only of the individual colors, but also of their shades should be taken into account. After all, there can be many shades of the same color! Choose colors for clothes, guided by the rule of their similarity. For example: choose deep blue for bright red in clothes, for soft blue - pastel pink and for dark green - muted yellow. The shades of your chosen colors for clothes should not compete with each other in brightness and saturation, then your appearance will be harmonious.

In any case, remember: the existence of certain rules for combining colors in clothes does not mean that you can not experiment, because it is experiments that allow us to create our own, unique image and style. And if the science of the right combination of colors in clothes is not easy for you, it is best to take women's magazines - there are many photos, find your color type and see what clothes are worn by some of the most beautiful and famous women in the world.