The basic rules for perfect makeup at home.

"Intentional negligence" often appears in the lists of beauty trends, but if we still strive for perfection in makeup: hide flaws, emphasize the advantages. In this article we will share techniques that will help achieve the ideal in makeup, we will tell you what tools should be kept on hand, what are the variations of the ideal makeup depending on the appearance.

perfect makeup


Everyone has their own idea of ​​perfect makeup, but in the majority of this issue, as a rule, is approximately the same. If you choose the components of perfect makeup, then they will be the following:

Even tone that looks like a second skin. The perfect tone hides all inflammations and other imperfections on the skin. The foundation is distributed evenly and well so that no traces of the "intervention" of the cosmetics are visible. The coating should be such that the skin looks full of health: to shine moderately, as if perfectly hydrated, "peppery" and beautiful.

the best foundation

Well maintained eyebrows . Special attention should really be paid to this: make-up artists are sure that the face is literally "holding" on the eyebrows. The facial expression, the character that people see when they look into your eyes depends on the shape of the eyebrows. That is why a correction is needed - it is important to give the eyebrows a shape that in turn corresponds to your face shape.

suitable shape for eyebrows

How to emphasize facial features . If you want to emphasize the eyes - then with a clear contour and a sharp "tail" carefully apply eyeliner, if you want to accentuate the lips - then with contour carefully and apply a "dense" lip color. Whatever details you add to your makeup, do it carefully - only then will the face be truly complete.

luxury eyeliner

The balance . All components of makeup should complement each other and create harmony. It is no coincidence that there is a rule for one accent - it is better to emphasize either the eyes or the lips, so as not to overload the face. At the same time, these two components can be performed at once if you "adjust" the brightness of each of these accents. If the lipstick with a rich color is complemented by drawing a strong eye contour with a pencil, the result will not be very good.

suitable lipstick for light skin


perfect makeup

You can create the perfect makeup with basic cosmetics. The only rule is that all products must be inspected, of good quality. The base, which due to its shortcomings begins to "melt" an hour after application, will not allow you to achieve perfection. Also, you can't do good makeup without a set of good professional brushes.

So this is our list of cosmetic products that will create magic on your face:

1. Brushes. For foundation, blush, eye shadow, eyeliner, lipstick.

2. Make-up base that evens out not only the tone but also the relief of the skin.

3. Foundation with a light texture, durable and reliable - it must last all day.

4. Blush to apply with a translucent layer, which will make the complexion fresh.

5. Shadow palette with a set of basic shades: white, beige, gray, coffee, brown, black.

6. Eyeliner - black or brown

7. Eyelash mascara.

8. A set of eyebrow products, including shadows and wax to fix their shape.

9. Fixing powder to complete makeup.


Availability of cosmetics in the bag, as well as mastering the basic techniques - are enough to get the perfect makeup. Following the rules of highlighting cheekbones with blush using contouring techniques and drawing the perfect eyeliner will complete your look.

There will never be makeup that is perfect for everyone. Every woman has her own facial features, such as eye and hair color, and these should be taken into account when creating your own version of flawless makeup.

Perfect makeup for blondes

makeup for blonde

Blondes, for example, are girls with bright eyes, eyelashes and eyebrows. This is the reason why many of their characteristics are "lost", looking faded. Among the tasks of make-up in such a situation is to draw attention to the eyes, to give expressiveness to the eyebrows of the eyelashes, to color the eyelashes so that the look is "wide open", to emphasize the cheekbones.

Perfect makeup for brunettes

makeup for brunette

Unlike blondes, girls with dark hair and eyes, facial features tend to be pronounced. They just need to be emphasized slightly. Suitable for them is makeup with an emphasis on the lips and eyes. It is important that it does not turn out to be too strong, so use saturated colors only on the lips and emphasize the eyes with eyeliner.


Another feature that can not be overlooked when trying to create the perfect makeup that is in harmony with your appearance is eye color. Eyes should be the "starting point" for those who can't decide which will be the leading shade of their make-up.

Perfect makeup for green eyes

makeup for women with green eyes

Green eyes are bright and noticeable. So you can limit yourself to the classic elongated eyes with the help of eyeliner. At the same time, if you decide to make smoky eyes, it is better to use shades such as brown, purple, gray or gold.

Perfect makeup for blue eyes

makeup for women with blue eyes

Blue eyes are bright, "transparent". They need more expressiveness, so focus carefully on color. Use pink, blue, brown, copper and their shades - with their help you can get the perfect makeup.

Perfect makeup for brown eyes

makeup for women with brown eyes

It is important for girls with brown eyes to make their image more versatile in terms of shades. Create smoky eyes with an expressive color transition, using purple, blue, emerald, gray, silver.