How to dress for Christmas?

Christmas outfit

Christmas is a magical holiday! Children are waiting impatiently for Santa Claus to fly in his magic sleigh and bring the presents. Thousands of small lights twinkle as if they were magical fairies. It feels like an angel might paint a snowflake on your window at any moment. Magic !This is one of the most important family holidays and therefore you should approach carefully when choosing an outfit.

We can categorize Christmas clothing in two directions:

Clothes to take home and clothes to wear if we decide to visit a temple or go on a visit. Of course, we will talk about both options.

If you decide to follow the traditions and customs try to follow the following rules:

On Christmas it is good to wear clothes that you have not worn before. This symbolizes the renewal of the soul.

Clothes, however, should be of a simple cut and not have anything superfluous on them. Christmas is not the time to demonstrate luxury.

I will give you an example: You will not charm the more conservative part of the population with a tight dress or any dress or skirt with a long slit. In one sentence, avoid provocative looks. This rule also applies to makeup. Of course, you are a woman and you can afford a light and almost imperceptible lipstick.

The traditional Christmas color is white, so if you decide to attend a Christmas service choose clothes in this tonality. White is a symbol of divinity. Choose a white dress or a long white skirt.

I guess it goes without saying that it is advisable to follow more conservative rules when going to church (This is not just for Christmas.)

Arms, shoulders and especially the chest must be hidden! Short skirts and pants are strictly prohibited. People in the temple do not need to be distracted by your individual style. Regarding accessories, it is permissible to wear some kind of cross or bracelet with a cross, but it is good if they are consecrated in a church. You can also wear a scarf, which is good not to be too colorful and patterned. After you have dressed decently, you can safely go and light a candle for the health and well-being of the people you love .

And now comes the fun part...the clothes at home.

Christmas home wear is anything but boring. Colorful clothes with Christmas motifs. From beautiful fluffy socks with lots of Christmas trees painted on them to cool pajamas with lots of snowflakes. Open the wardrobe and indulge in the Christmas spirit!

Personally, my family spends the holiday in front of the fireplace in Christmas stockings and pajamas, but still if you decide to dress a little "elegant" you can choose a dress or skirt of a decent length and a blouse or a cute sweater with a Christmas deer print with not too deep neckline. Choose clothes in red or green color. These are the colors of Christmas and so you will create the Christmas atmosphere that we all love.

At Christmas, it is not necessary that we are all dressed the same way. It is just important that we all suit each other.

Plaid shirts are suitable for this holiday. You can even dress head to toe in plaid clothes.

No matter how much we talk about clothing, the truth is that to look good on Christmas you just need to be happy, surrounded by your loved ones, because the Christmas mood is hidden inside us, not under the tree or in expensive gifts.

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