Is he cheating on me?

my husband is cheating on me

Earlier this week we wrote an article on how to have a successful marriage, but if by chance we are unlucky for happy couples then this article is just for you.

Most women say they feel with their heart if their partner is cheating. We've figured out how to recognize infidelity if you don't have the ability to feel it.

1. Talk to your friends.

Talk to your friends. If you are cheated on, you will surely be the last person in your circle who does not know about it. Everyone else will look away, be silent and talk behind your back, waiting for you to realize that your partner is not faithful to you.

If you have any suspicions, try talking to your friends, share your concerns. They may not tell you the truth, but their behavior will betray them.

By the way, the opposite is also possible - when they react so confidently that everything is fine, you will feel better, because all your fears were unfounded.

The main thing is not to hide everything in yourself. If you are right, it is best to learn about this as early as possible. If you're wrong, you don't have to waste time on this person.


If you feel cheated, try to restrain yourself and not run away from your partner with your suspicions for a second.

Psychologist Dr. Reinhardt found that if a person asked another person if they had lied to him or not, the subject was more likely to tell the truth if given time to think and not insist on an immediate answer. >

Simply put, the more time you give yourself to deal with the situation, the more likely you are to correctly judge whether you have been deceived or not. If you try to find out the truth right away, you will probably be deceived.


Psychologist James Penebecker has found that when a person tries to hide the truth from someone, he unknowingly changes the vocabulary he uses. The liar reduces the use of words like "I", "mine", "I think", "I understood", "but", "except".

In this way, the person who is lying to you is trying to depersonalize his message. It doesn't seem to have anything to do with it. He is trying to absolve himself of the responsibility of speaking.

In addition, he will most likely try to make his statements unambiguous, not allowing a different point of view.

Instead, the liar uses more aggressive words such as "enemies," "hate," "anger." This is again an unconscious attempt to force you to believe the liar. So, if you suspect your partner of infidelity, watch to see if the language in which he communicates with you has changed.


By the way, even a change in the tone of voice can betray the infidel. Altered testosterone levels have been found to increase significantly, which affects voice.

And the man himself, feeling that he has started to sound unnatural, tries to correct him, which makes him start to sound even stranger.

This applies not only to men but also to women. Pay attention to how your loved one talks to you, especially when it comes to your relationship with him.


Everyone knows that change is not good. And no matter how hard you try to justify your behavior, no matter how harsh your arguments, you still know very well that you are wrong.

All these feelings torment the person who is cheating. Especially if he's doing it for the first time, usually judging others who have done it. Over time, this leads to the fact that for him, it becomes more important to justify his behavior. And you can only justify it by blaming the partner you are cheating on.

This leads to a situation in which the traitor begins to discover more and more shortcomings of the partner and becomes more and more aggressive towards him.

If you feel that your partner is increasingly dissatisfied with you, it is possible that the issue is not in a specific situation, but in something more serious.

Maybe it's time to be honest.