Read our 15 tips for a happy marriage.

how to have a happy marriage

Whoever tells you that you can't have a perfect marriage in real life is lying to you. It certainly won't happen in a few days or weeks. Many constant small actions and decisions on the part of both partners will be needed. Just don't wait for that happy day when happiness comes. You need to find it daily in simple things and wise relationships.

1. Don't wait for family happiness to come alone.

We often expect family happiness to come with the purchase of an apartment, a car, a new good job or additional education. No. We need to be happy now and with what we have.

2. Be grateful and show it to your loved one.

Gratitude begets happiness. Find reasons to be grateful for even the simplest things, but don't forget to express it. "Thank you" is a magic word that works wonders and should be used more often in marriage. "Thank you for what you do for me", "Thank you for fixing the lamp", "Thank you for being so kind", "Thank you for a delicious dinner" - look for reasons to thank and you will see what power this has thought.

3. Don't be jealous!

You have heard it many times, but yes - you should not be jealous. Jealousy sometimes means that you do not trust yourself. Jealousy marriage will not last long. Trust your partner and don't give reasons not to trust him.

4. Avoid quarrels

We are sure that even in a happy marriage there are confrontations, but quarrels over small things are the biggest trap of marriage. If you feel that a scandal is approaching - calm down: take a walk or take a shower. When the emotions subside a little, you can talk calmly.

5. Show your love every day.

Touch, hug, kiss, hold hands. Healthy sexual intercourse is very important, but you should not focus only on it. Any abuse does not lead to anything good. This destroys romantic love and the natural beauty of intimacy in marriage.

6. Be honest when it comes to finances.

Marital happiness is impossible if there is a misunderstanding, especially when it comes to money. Don't just expect to receive. Contribute as much as possible to the family budget.

7. Surprise yourself.

Do something unexpected: leave a note in your pants pocket; give a flower when you meet her after work; make a small gift; organize an unexpected romantic dinner or send a playful SMS with a confession of love. These little and sweet things will benefit your marriage.

8. Compliment yourself.

Say how you like your loved one's smile, character, voice, eyes, hair. That you value him as a wonderful parent for your child or as a professional at work. Your loved one needs to know that you admire him.

9. Support yourself.

Support each other in personal and professional projects, during illness, sadness or weakness. Help to overcome difficulties. Marriage is like a long journey in a fragile boat: if one passenger starts rocking it, the other has to keep it afloat, otherwise they will both drown.

10. Move in one direction.

Happiness in marriage is possible only if the spouses have the same outlook on life, similar values ​​and interests, behavior and goals.

11. Be yourself the way you were when you met.

At the beginning of the relationship, we are all amazing, attractive and do thousands of things to show our partner our best qualities. After a while comes the understanding of what kind of person is really next to us, what are his shortcomings, how he behaves in different situations. It is natural for a mature relationship to turn into a marriage.

But after the wedding, some calm down and do not consider it necessary to try to please their loved one. Suddenly you feel that most of the time at home you can look sloppy, rough and sullen. Of course, it is difficult for the body and face to be the same as in youth: age and gravity are ruthless. However, much can be done to maintain good physical, intellectual, moral and emotional health. A good marriage is an eternal movement.

12. Have conversations.

Conversations always help solve family problems.

13. Don't be selfish.

Taking care of your partner's well-being is one of the most important things to achieve family happiness. Put selfishness aside and try to take care of your partner in the same way as you take care of yourself.

14. Be true to your thoughts, words, and actions.

Happiness is a fine matter. How often marriages break up because one spouse falls in love with someone and can't get it out of my head. And in the end he made a serious mistake. If you feel danger, run away from temptation.

15. Ask forgiveness and forgive.

We are all imperfect. If you make a mistake, don't waste time, sincerely ask forgiveness as soon as possible. And when a loved one hurts your feelings - forgive him. For both spouses to have a fulfilling life, it is important that you can ask for forgiveness and forgive.

In other words, the main secret of a happy marriage is to do good, to be wise in words, actions and thoughts. Treat your partner the way you want to be treated. And if you want to know how a word or decision will affect your marriage, introduce yourself to your partner and find out how to act.