Instructions for lovers


One of the eternal questions of life is loyalty and betrayal. For some, the affair with a married man is taboo - "You can not build happiness on the misery of someone else", and for others it is a great opportunity to get a successful man who is already wealthy (you have to admit, you rarely see this - so that passion inflames a person with financial problems, or a loser).

Many describe their trembling feelings, remembering nobly that they do not interfere in the integrity of the marriage. But the very interference in the existence of this marriage - destroys. Even if there are problems in the family, they both have to solve them.

This happens, well, it's just a pity for lovers who give up mental energy so quickly, time being a man just for a pleasant distraction from the daily life in which these men swear in love, but never think to change their usual way of life. And everyone is hoping for years, they are hoping ...


And especially in this situation, children suffer. If a man really falls in love with another woman, he must leave the family for his beloved. Because in a family where there is no love between the parents, the children grow up with a lot of psychological problems and complexes and this often prevents them from starting their normal families later.

Well, for those who are still trying to immerse themselves in such a "fascinating and exciting" romance with married women - a guide for a lover.

1. Never forget that you are a lover. In the future, this will help you to adequately perceive reality.

2. Don't be intrusive. You are required to be around when you need to be invisible when you are not needed.

3. Don't talk about your feelings. Don't be fooled often - you are just a means of relieving stress and bringing variety. Any hint of constant connection and feelings will repel from you the object of your material well-being.

4. Do not demand perseverance from your partner. You need to be prepared for the fact that you are not alone with him. If he betrayed his wife, then why can't he betray you.

5. Do not believe that all wives are old "bags", cold frigid cows, and life with them is a duty, weight, fear of losing children and others. You are a woman and therefore perhaps someone's potential wife in the future. A weak man who could not give his wife love and warmth away from children, like an invisible galaxy, is looking for easy, non-binding relationships.

Do you still want a serious relationship with him?

6. Words about material well-being have touched you, you are uninterested, you love sincerely, you want mutual love and ideally a serious, lasting relationship?

7. If all of the above provokes an inner protest, insults your dignity and feelings, then it is enough to solve someone's problems, enough to stay in a world of illusory happiness.

Today, in the age of the Internet, there is every chance to find someone who will make you happy, who, longing for love, but busy with work, career, has not had the opportunity to look for you. Help him, find him yourself. And to become his closest and only planet.

Recommendations for married women who have a married lover

Never choose a man for a lover who is familiar to your husband. Husbands' best friends are often the object of sympathy for girls. But this option should be avoided immediately. Sooner or later the secret will become obvious.

What does a woman with a lover look like?

how to be a good mistress

New emotions overwhelm her. She smiles and flies on the wings of passion and love. In the eyes of the girl it is noticeable that pleasant changes have taken place in her life. Many ladies are beginning to pay more attention to their appearance - a selection of clothes that will attract the attention of men. An attentive husband will immediately notice that something is wrong with you.

A married lady who has a lover starts to be late after work. Naturally, she informs her husband that she has a lot of work, documents to be issued, meetings, etc. Finding out the real reason for this behavior is quite simple. Use an alternative method.

A good lover will give you presents from time to time. If you have new jewelry or expensive dresses, find a plausible story. Remember: all labels of things should be discarded immediately. If the husband suspects that something is wrong, he can do a survey to the place where the gifts were purchased. He will easily understand when the purchase was made and how it was paid.

If your lover invites you on a short trip for a few days? Business travel is a smart option. It is recommended that the final destination is not known to your spouse. Of course, this option is dangerous if your husband is well acquainted with his superiors or employees.

Any correspondence with the lover should be kept on the office computer. Use your home laptop exclusively for other needs. Otherwise you risk forgetting to leave the social network once and the whole dialogue will be read successfully by the jealous man.

Try not to talk to your lover on the phone while your husband is home. If there is an urgent need to call, consider that you need to urgently go for bread to the nearest store. Another time, go pick up trash or walk your pet dog.

After a romantic dinner with a lover, do not rush to use the bathroom. The supervising spouse may think that you are trying to quickly wash away the traces of a vicious relationship.

Remember that you have to perform marital duty in bed. If you constantly start denying intimacy with your husband, he will immediately understand. Try not to change intimate behavior and do not demonstrate new skills.

Don't let your lover leave traces of his sexual games on your body. Scratches are direct evidence of your extramarital affair. Any arguments against such evidence are powerless.

How to "steal" a lover from the family?

Unfortunately, romantic women are far from always able to maintain self-control. Many ladies fall hopelessly in love with married lovers. What to do in this situation if you have really strong feelings for this particular man?

According to statistics, no more than 5-7 percent of unfaithful spouses leave their lovers. There is always a chance. The key is to follow wise advice: Remember that if a man has not left the family after a year of your relationship, he will never do so. Therefore, you need to act much earlier.

Try to study your lover well. He will probably constantly tell you about himself, about the problems in his relationship with his wife. Learn his habits and character traits.

Tell him he can trust you. Be an attentive listener and talker. Keep all his secrets and problems a secret. Don't give up the help and support he needs if you can do something for him.

Remember that a man will leave his wife only for his mistress, who will be much better than her. So you need to take time for your appearance, visit the gym and always look as attractive as possible.

Try not to bother the man with your own problems. He should not see your tears and intrigue. With you, he must constantly feel surrounded by warmth and joy.

If the object of your passion is more than 40 years old, you need to be extremely careful. You need to determine what this person really wants. Accustomed to many years of marriage, he can only go to the mistress who can provide him with the best living conditions.

Learn different sexual techniques. You have to become a real master in this matter. When you return home, you have to feel that you are missing something.

Try not to touch the financial problem. If you need to know your loved one's income level, do so indirectly.

You should create the impression of an ordinary and quite flexible woman with whom he will not have constant conflicts. Of course, you have to have your own point of view.

how to part with it

How to break up with a married lover?

If you realize that your relationship is useless and you become more and more attached to a man over time, think about how to end this painful relationship for you.

First of all, you need to understand that your separation is a conscious choice that will allow you to start a new life without the same pain. Decided to leave, do not change your mind. Don't expect a married lover to change his mind and leave the family. Most likely, after a while he will just find a new mistress. Remember that youth passes very quickly.

Inform the man about the separation - it must be personal. Explain the reasons for your decision and wish him luck in life. Thank you for the pleasant emotions and the bitter but valuable experience. There is nothing worse than breaking hearts and women's tears.

my husband has caught a mistress

You have parted with your loved one, you have every right to pour out your own emotions. Allow yourself to cry all day, but nothing more. The next morning, waking up, a new life immediately begins. Do not use the pain to suppress it with alcohol: it will not only harm the body, but also aggravate the situation.

Try to spend the first weeks after parting with a married lover in the company of people close to you. You may need to change the phone number (in case it rings). A good way out of the situation is a short trip to another city or country. There you can relax and unwind.

You should not lock yourself in and think that your ex-husband is the best person in the world and you can no longer find one. Understand that your love will not torment you. If you are single, allow yourself to have a new affair with an unmarried young man. Even if he doesn't become your husband, you are guaranteed to receive a charge of positive energy.