Choosing a red dress

lace red dress

"I've never seen you as beautiful as tonight. I've never seen you so brightly. I've never seen so many men want to dance with you. I've never seen you in that dress. I didn't notice your hair flowing in the sparkling light - Don't take off your dress ... I was blind! “

This is from Chris de Berg's song "Lady in Red", written in 1986. This song is about a girl in a red dress who looks amazing and seductive. This effect the red dress can have on others. Songs and movies are made for her.

To wear red dresses, you need to have two things - self-confidence and a proper understanding of where and for what reason you will wear it. Such a dress will immediately make you the center of attention. For those who are not used to standing out from the crowd, you need to find your balance when wearing a red dress.

Here are some nuances to keep in mind if you still decide to wear this sexy red dress you've always dreamed of.

The right shade of red

There are many different red colors. From red with blue tones to bright red-orange. It is very important to choose the right shade of red when choosing a red dress. You must not forget for which event and time of day you choose it. For daytime events, choose vibrant colors and dresses with a print. Luxurious, chic and sexy dresses are best suited for evening events.

Thick red dresses look especially good on women with pale skin. Choose a shade of red to match your skin color. Light-skinned girls are better off choosing darker shades, and owners of darker skin are better off wearing bright red-orange shades and the like.

If you are short, then a bright red dress will emphasize the dignity of your figure. You should also wear dresses with prints, because they will draw attention to your shapes. If the ornament is at the waist, this will give your figure a visually "hourglass shape".

Large girls should pay attention to darker shades of red, such as burgundy or burgundy, which will not draw attention to the features of your figure, but will help you create the illusion of a miniature. Get a dress with a decoration in the area of ​​the chest line to distract from your problem areas such as the waist.

Appropriate red dress style

Choose a simple and modest red dress. The red dress itself exudes sexuality, so it is better to choose a simpler cut. You can choose a red dress with a long or short slit, but be careful in your choice. It is very important that the silhouette of the dress favorably emphasizes all the curves of the figure. Wearing this type of dress is very important to create a playful look in a red dress.

A gorgeous necklace and a tight red dress is what you need to be stunning. Let the cut and style be simple and neat. The dress should emphasize the dignity of your figure and sit well.

Red dress accessories

Red on red : Choose accessories by sticking to the red palette. Complement your red evening dress with a pair of red lacquered nails and combine with red stones, such as garnets or rubies. To look perfect, choose jewelry that matches your dress. Let it be gorgeous dangling earrings or a ruby ​​pendant, then hair and other accessories should go into the background.

red dress with bare back

Black Accent : Stick to the classics - combine red with black. Wear a black belt with a red dress and don't forget a pair of high black shoes. A black cardigan that matches the texture of your red cocktail dress will help you look slimmer and not freeze at an evening event in the cold season.

long red dress

Add light : In the summer months, complement your red dress with white accessories. Prefer a string of white pearls, pearl earrings and a wide white belt with a simple buckle if you are going for an afternoon gathering with friends or even an evening outing. White outdoor sandals or high heels will instantly beautify even the laziest look.

red dress with a deep neckline

Basic colors : Add colors to a red evening or casual dress with basic color accessories. Find a stylish multicolored bag to wear with your red dress or multicolored vintage earrings that give your look a whimsical and unusual look. Find simple accessories that add elegance to your look.

sexy red dress

Festive glitter : Shine on every holiday by adding metal accessories and gemstone jewelry to your red dress. Add sparkle to your look by complementing your red cocktail dress with gold shoes and layered gold or silver necklaces. If you want to be in the spotlight, complement your red dress with diamond earrings and an elegant black jacket or vest with a pair of precious stones around your neck.

red dress with gold ornaments

Stars in red dresses

Miranda Kerr

red dress with a slit

Supermodel Miranda Kerr is just a sex bomb in red. The former Victoria's Secret model shines in a tight-fitting dress by Herve Leger, which emphasizes all her charms and has the perfect length. This is just the perfect version of a cocktail dress for a glamorous event.

Nina Dobrev

star dresses

The Vampire Diaries star Nina Dobrev knows first hand about red cocktail dresses. This Bulgarian woman shone in a red masterpiece by Eli Saab at the "Argo" party, TIFF 2013 and chose a provocative open red dress with lace sleeves at the premiere of "It's nice to be quiet" in Los Angeles.

Jennifer Hudson

jennifer hudson 's red dress

American Idol winner Jennifer Hudson knows how to make her tanned slender legs look like they're going straight to heaven. The singer waved a red long-sleeved mini dress with black platform shoes and an ankle strap in 2011 at Selfing Doing Good Awards magazine. In this outfit, her long legs and hourglass figure were simply inimitable. Note: if you are going to wear a short skirt, be sure to cover your upper body so that everything looks harmonious. Five for you, Jennifer!

Katie Holmes

red dress for fat women

We're just crazy about Alexander McQueen's red dress and Katie's golden heels. A different detail on the top and joints at the waist distinguish this red dress from the rest of his brothers in color.

Mila Kunis

burgundy dress

If you are looking for a glamorous dress, then you can not miss the dress of Mila Kunis by Alexander McQueen, in which she appeared at the SAG awards ceremony. Heart-shaped and strapless neckline, complemented by an unusual print and a modern belt, make this dress unforgettable and suitable even for a Christmas party.

Katy Perry

разкроена червена рокля

Speaking of glamorous dresses, Katy Perry showed the breathtaking red dress from Dolce and Gabbana, which would amaze all your colleagues! The beautiful wide skirt is one hundred percent an option for a spectacular look.

Kate Bosworth

red dress for brunette

Who said blondes can't wear red? Kate Bosworth proved the opposite to the whole world and dressed all in red: a breathtaking dress by Antonio Beradi, complemented by red heels and red lipstick. If you are crazy about red, then you can also create a triple red threat and wear this sexy look.

Charlize Theron

red dress for blonde

The face of the perfume advertising company Dior is another striking example of how blondes in red look amazing. Charlize appeared in a plain red dress with brown, with natural soft make-up and high-heeled sandals, proving with all her appearance that it is not necessary to dress like a cinderella to show everyone your festive mood. >

Jennifer Goodwin

dark red dress

The star of the series Once Upon a Time (by the way, she recently announced she was pregnant), Jennifer Goodwin has always had an unusual sense of style. Take the dress with a red neckline in which she appeared at San Diego Comic-Con in 2012; It may look rustic at first glance and will probably make fans fall, but it certainly has our favorite eccentric innocence.

Jessica Biel

bright red dress

Just a blast of red! Justin Timberlake's soulmate Jessica Biel killed everyone with her red dress at the 2009 Met Metust ceremony. A dramatic skirt with a tail and a deep neckline will probably not allow you to wear it to your corporate party, but if you want to deprive everyone of the gift of speech with your appearance - then this is exactly what you need!

Red dress with red shoes

dress in light red

Red floor-length evening dress

floor-length red dress

Short red dress

red short dress