How to choose the right evening dress?

Are you invited to an important celebration where you need to conquer everyone in an amazing way? Then you need to perfectly consider everything down to the smallest detail - shoes, dress, accessories, etc. But despite everything, the queen of your image is a dress because it emphasizes the figure, creates the right mood, hides flaws and, of course, admires its beauty. The dress changes the mood and the woman herself, her habits, gait and manners.

The floor-length dress is considered a classic for women's evening wear, knee-length dresses are suitable for particularly sophisticated events. Dresses can be tight-fitting or loose-fitting. The variety of fabrics from which evening dresses are made is astounding - satin, chiffon, lace are added to the already classic fabrics, sometimes leather and other materials are added. The evening dress is decorated with ripples, pearl, drapery, fur trim, fringe, flowers.

Long evening dress

Rules for choosing an evening dress

Evening dress is not the first necessity in the women's wardrobe, so it is better to buy a dress designed for all occasions. You can say "universal soldier" in which you can appear at any celebration.

The model of the dress you should choose depending on your figure. If you only need one evening dress, you should buy a neutral model of light material. The classic evening dress does not have many draperies and decorations, the color is neutral, and the cut depends on your figure. It can be on the straps or bustier, it is better not to choose dresses made of thick fabric or long sleeves.

More often women choose bustier dresses because they sit perfectly on different figures and do not go out of fashion. The most important thing is that the dress has excellent quality, both material and sewing. Every dress should meet this rule, but when the style is simple, any flaw will be particularly striking. And of course, your clothes must sit perfectly on you, otherwise even a small flaw in the figure will be noticeable.

A little black dress is a great solution for an evening dress, it will be suitable in any situation. It is ideal for corporate parties, especially if there is no way to change clothes at home. You can take with you accessories decorated with crystals, such trifles will radically change your look.

short evening dress

There are a few rules for wearing clothes: a dress with thick dropped straps is suitable for the beginning of the evening, a dress type "open chest" - after 20.00, and one with a large neckline after 22.00. For some people, these rules may be old-fashioned, but following them will help you look your best. Everything should be balanced and appropriate, you should not hope that an open top or mini skirt will emphasize your beauty and attract an ecstatic look, such excess of sexuality will attract the attention of only those who want the same easy relationship as your clothes . Such provocative outfits can even be scary.

Dress for more gorgeous ladies

For more plump ladies, loose dresses are suitable, but at the same time with a high waist. Such styles distract from the abdomen and thighs. If you need to remove only the stomach, it is better to choose a dress with a belt lower. Also, trapeze dresses are suitable. The tops of the dresses can be any, but more often they win dresses with a deep neckline. If you have full arms, it is better to choose dresses with long sleeves.

dress for a fuller lady

They perfectly hide the shape of the body and if you add a belt and tie it to the thinnest part of the body, it will not only beautify you, but also remove extra pounds. The dress should have a trapezoidal shape and a deep V-neck, which will visually increase the shoulders and thus reduce the volume of the upper and lower part. For a large hip, it is recommended to wear dresses with flashlight sleeves. This type of sleeves will make the figure balanced. If you need to distract from your lush breasts, you should choose a model with a long skirt or plain, but draped with crystals or other decorative elements.

Dress for little girls

For girls with short stature, dresses made of enchanting fabrics with a high waist are suitable. Such a model will emphasize the neckline, and will also draw attention to the upper body, high waist will give the effect of long legs and high growth. It is not recommended to wear too loose and long skirt, it is better if it is of medium length. Shoes should be on high heels. Asymmetrical dresses look great on this type of girl.

Which color and material to choose

The choice of dress color depends on your type of appearance and your preferred style of clothing. Of course, it is better to choose bright and saturated colors, because they will immediately distinguish you from the crowd. Black is a universal color, and white is always a winning and elegant color.

If you choose a dress in accordance with the appearance, then the rules must be observed:

Red-haired girls look great in bright and saturated colors, preferably green, blue. Don't even experiment with mustard and light brown shades. Brunettes look great in blue, green, yellow. Blondes can easily wear dark and light, but light tones will have to be avoided.

Finally, pay attention to the materials:

Natural silk is suitable for slender girls, it may not fit more gorgeous ladies, but if the model is wide, then it can.

Chiffon is suitable for all girls because it sits perfectly and takes on any body shape.

Thick fabric is recommended for girls who want to hide body volume. Thick fabric, even better regulated if there is lining.


evening dress for a fat woman

Effects increase, but only the area where they are applied. If you want to reduce your hips, buy a dress with a print on the chest, thus visually enlarging the neckline and reducing the bottom.

Small flowers will look wrong on the evening dress. Geometric shapes are acceptable for an evening look, but you should be careful with it as well - add volume.

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