What women's suit to choose?

Knowing the basic rules when choosing a women's business suit, you will definitely not go wrong if you follow them. It must match the dress code and your external data (figure).

Ladies suit

The best option is to have several different types of costumes. Then the problem with the daily choice of clothes for work will be significantly simplified. The standard of business style is elegant simplicity and restraint. Business attire does not provide unnecessary and eccentric details. After all, the workplace should stand out with professional qualities, not a playful appearance.

Criteria for choosing the right suit

To buy a suitable women's suit, you need to pay attention to many important details.

The ratio of height and body shape

For tall women, suits are suitable in which the upper and lower part seem to divide the figure in half, and for short women - preferably a short jacket and fashionable pants.

Women's suits provide an excellent opportunity to adjust the proportions of the figure. Contrasting top and bottom will help. After all, dark colors visually reduce growth, and colored colors increase them.

When choosing a jacket, you need to know the following principles:

An elongated silhouette will make you slimmer.

The jacket should have clearly defined shoulders, it is recommended to use small shoulder pads.

The wide sleeves give the width of the whole upper body.

For obese women, a jacket with a small collar and narrow lapels is better. A skinny girl can add volume with patch pockets and wide lapels.

The long jacket will cover the problem thighs, but be careful not to make your legs look shorter than your body.

The traditional business style skirt - straight, to the middle of the knee. But a shorter version is also allowed, it looks better on short women. A suit with a skirt narrowed to the bottom is very popular.

Whichever skirt model you choose, it is desirable that it meets the following requirements: the skirt should lie freely on the thighs and buttocks, not tighten them, gathering in folds and wrinkles, the length should be more greater than the width.

Remember that business clothes do not allow the length to be mini and with a deep neckline. This does not correspond to the status of a serious woman capable of solving complex tasks.

black women's suit

A suit with trousers is used by business ladies no less than a suit with a skirt. They are practical and convenient, but can easily become the basis of a strict and sophisticated business image. To achieve this, you need to choose the right pants and size, they should not be wide and gathered or look baggy. Thanks to the high waist you can visually lengthen your legs.

Measure the pants along with the shoes you will be wearing. This is the only way to find the optimal length - the pants should cover the heel, but not drag on the floor and not fold in front. Delicate pants with strict vertical lines will make any figure slimmer and more elegant.

It is very difficult to choose a suitable suit for a non-standard figure. But it is possible to buy pants, skirts and jackets, the same color and material, separately.

Colors of business suits

The main colors for office suits except black are gray, brown, navy blue. Olive, dark green, beige and khaki are also used. Based on your color type and the strictness of the dress code, you can choose brighter colors: smoky pink, burgundy, terracotta. The colors allowed in the business style are thin stripes or squares, as well as textured patterns: boucle.

business suit

Office clothes should not be multicolored. They should be limited to two or three primary colors. The one-color suit is considered an ideal option.

white suit

Fabric quality

If you want to impress people, don't skimp on the quality of the clothes you wear. The best material for a suit is worsted wool (long-fiber wool), this material is suitable for any time of the year and practically does not age. Another practical option is fabric for suits. Pay attention to the condition of the seams and hem, they should not pull and hinder movement.

When choosing a material, focus on natural fabrics: silk, cotton, linen or wool. They will ensure both the maintenance of the required shape and good air exchange.

Pure synthetic suit fabrics are a bad option. This material is non-hygroscopic, easily electrified and very shiny. In addition, hard and shiny fabrics fill the figure. If you are annoyed by the constant wrinkling of natural fabrics, try to combine.

Gabardine costumes are especially elegant. It is a light, dense and remarkably draped fabric. Matte crepe and viscose are also easy to drape and hardly wrinkle.

In any case, choose a high-quality and wear-resistant material - it will retain its original color and appearance for a long time.

Jewelry and Makeup

The business suit allows for additional accessories - such as a tie, a small brooch or a scarf. The main thing is not to overdo it.

Bulky jewelry will break the rigor of business style. Do not wear large pendants and dangling earrings - it is better to keep the jewelry discreet and precious. The unwritten rule of the dress code is not to wear more than three pieces of jewelry at a time.

Bulky jewelry will break the rigor of business style. Do not wear large pendants and dangling earrings - it is better to keep the jewelry discreet and precious. The unwritten rule of the dress code is not to wear more than three pieces of jewelry at a time.

Without bright makeup, it should be neat and discreet. However, the complete lack of make-up is also not welcome.

Business hairstyle options - bun, braid or ponytail. Long loose hair is undesirable. In extreme cases, use a pad.

Focus on the importance of your vision and the overall level of clothing costs in your office. In any case, your suit should be solid and high quality, but do not shock others with its price and brand. According to the rules, you should not dress more luxuriously than your boss and more simply than your subordinates.

A classic or elegant suit will become the basis of your business image. In the end, it will be characterized by functionality, comfort and practicality. Properly chosen suit can emphasize not only your good taste, but also your qualities such as professionalism, self-discipline and self-confidence.

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