Fashion pants

Fashionable women's pants - it's comfortable, modern, stylish and beautiful!

To be extravagant in 2020, you need to bet on wide pants in combination with a high waist. Every year, the designers rely on the models of Marlene Dietrich, Yves Saint Laurent and Coco Chanel, thanks to which the pants have firmly taken a proud place in the women's wardrobe. What made the designers happy and surprised the audience on the catwalks for 2020?

Next season's fashion pants are changing strategy. Designers are increasingly moving away from emphasizing the lines of the figure. Instead, they choose pants with wide legs, vintage jeans and short models.

Wide pants

In the style of Marlene Dietrich, the eternal classic and endless comfort, style and beauty, modern are the wide pants - a feeling of pleasant touch - high waist and floor length.

Elegant women's pants.

Purple women's trousers

Seasonal trends

Pure femininity, tranquility and freedom - the leitmotif of the spring-summer season of 2020. During this period, women's pants make us stylish.

Plaid pants

Colorful pants for women next season will be one of the essential elements of your fashion wardrobe. The most modern pants will be in different patterns, squares and colors.

Elegant plaid pants.

Plaid women's pants

High-waisted trousers

If you have already bought high-waisted pants in the past seasons, then do not rush to throw them away - next fall you will need them again: in almost all collections, designers present all types of high-waisted pants.

Red high-waisted trousers.

Red pants

Different colors, textures and materials are combined. Fashionable pants can be sewn from fabrics such as leather and even vinyl.

The most modern styles

Straight-cut pants are light, comfortable and loose. They are what you need for comfort at work, walks and entertainment. There will be no strict standard for lengths in 2022 - trend models can be slightly longer than shorts, mid-calf or ultra long.

Stylish women's pants

Stylish pants

Banana pants with an emphasis on the waist create additional volume of the thighs and gradually narrow down. In the new season, they are popular in neutral and office shades: gray, beige, dark olive, burgundy and black.

Elegant high-waisted trousers

Banana pants

The best colors and shades

Perfect black pants are "responsible" for the perfect image in a formal business style. They are ideal for a romantic date, a trip, a theater, an exhibition and even a party. The main thing is to choose models that perfectly follow the contours of the body.

Safari style preserves fashion in yellow and gold colors (choose shades of ocher and their combination with green). And light beige will be combined with all spring flowers, as well as green, olive, brown.

Bright colors are what you need in spring and summer. In 2022 you will need a bright wardrobe with which you can combine in contrasts. Lemon yellow, deep linden, bright blue, provocative pink or orange pants will help.

Elegant women's pants in yellow.

pants in yellow

Shiny pants that will remind of space will be relevant for 2022. Wearing shiny metal pants, models with holographic shine is best suited for parties. Your image will surely be remembered - not everyone will dare to shine in the most original and modern women's pants of the season.

Collage pants - combinations of different colors, textures and materials. This is an unusual trend that includes Frankenstein pants and tight-fitting vinyl pants under ripped jeans. Textile collage opens up unprecedented opportunities for experimentation.

Appropriate prints and patterns

The contrast bar wins the podium again. This model is a great tool that will easily stretch the shape. To visually lengthen the silhouette, just choose stylish high-waisted pants decorated in a vertical stripe.

Pants with contrasting stripes on the thighs, which visually expand the legs. This year's striped pants are comfortable for training - they are long, loose and black and white.

Animal prints will add an image of natural aggression, will make you more noticeable and brighter. In 2020, designers recommend choosing reptile skin models. Such pants can be combined only with ordinary things, the extra shine for them is a must.

Leather pants

Fashionable women's leather pants in the new season will demonstrate restraint - a minimum of accessories and metal clothing, the most appropriate colors - black, beige, burgundy, different cut - wide, bananas and pants. The high waist is especially common.

Breeches and banana pants

What do these pants have in common? Increase the volume in the thighs! Stylish and spectacular breeches, expanding at the hips, fit snugly on the legs and modern in the 80's bananas, thinned just below - to the ankles - and do not fit the legs. So, if you are not afraid to draw too much attention to your thighs, do not hesitate to choose such models.

Trimmed pants

The designers offer fashionable women to try cropped pants of different styles: very wide legs, narrow "tubes", classic straight and narrow pants - all this will be fashionable next year.

Expensive pants

Velvet, satin, brocade and jacquard - all these fabrics will be actively used by designers to sew fashion pants for 2020. Such models look expensive and luxurious, but this does not mean that you can wear them only on the go - in addition to evening pants, the collections will have options for everyday wear.

The colors of fashion pants

Traditionally, autumn-winter collections look calm and maintain color neutrality. But not this year! Purple and yellow, cobalt and lemon, pink and red - the designers offer pants for women of all colors of the rainbow!

White pants

White pants remain a classic and a luxury. They are worn in the summer.

Printed pants

These printed pants are leading and are liked by women with a broader worldview.

Boot Pants

Designers offer to boldly and carelessly put on pants, ideally wide, in boots.

The new fashion season of 2022 obliges you to experiment.

As you can see, designers do not restrict our freedom to choose fashionable pants for the autumn-winter 2020 season. They provide ladies with a wide field of creativity. Wear what you want: classic or retro, short or extended models with restrained or bright colors. Fashion experts set only directions, and shaping your individual style is your creative task.