Fashion vision for spring

Spring is the time to experiment with amazing fashion images, breathtaking color schemes and unusual textures of clothing. Tune in to the wave of fashion and inspiration, because we will talk about the most important spring trends and eye-catching innovations.

Focus on color

After winter, when nature is just beginning to wake up, I want to add vibrant colors to the gray everyday life. But the strangely popular colors will be white and metallic.

pants with spring motifs

The fact is that according to the Eastern calendar, this year the rat will be the main animal in the color of white and metal elements. This makes it possible to look for interesting ideas, combining the colors of the year with blue and scarlet, pink and orange, green and beige and others.

Dress in a nice color.

spring blouse

Leading stylists advise to pay attention to:

Clothing in red. Strive to be vibrant anytime, anywhere - try a solid red look. The red total in appearance is our answer to the already accepted black. Combine red pants with a plaid blouse. Complete with a belt and accessories!

Stylish women's set.

tulip shirt

The age-old color print will be a great addition to your spring mood. This print is usually very self-contained, so wear it with plain clothes or as accessories.

Fantastic zigzags, geometric shapes and circles. But be careful with them, because these prints are not for everyone.

Dress in different colors.

dress with floral motif

Fashion visions for spring 2022

Focus on color;

Textured coats;

Minimalism and conciseness - the basis of style;

Don't forget about dresses and overalls.

Stylish women's overalls.

elegant women's overalls

Elegance, creativity, pragmatism - the motto of this season. Therefore, coats and raincoats will become indispensable assistants in creating an everyday look. Which to choose? Here are our tips:

Leather coats. The style of those times does not grow old. Choose a cloak made of matte or patent leather, metallic will look unusual.

spring jacket

Every self-respecting woman is simply required to have a classic coat of medium length.

Fashionable short and elongated coats. The first option is more suitable for everyday vision, the second for evening meetings. Short coats with bouquet, plush and belt options are available. But for the long ones, they still choose more classic fabrics (such as cashmere) in bright or beige colors.


Now the classic coat is fashionable to be combined with the most unexpected things. Hoods, sweatshirts with sneakers, denim jackets, leather items, voluminous skirts and dresses can make up a stylish coat.

Minimalism and simplicity - the basis of style

Do you like to look simple and stylish? In this style there are no restrictions on age, appearance and social status. In addition, this style is incredibly popular among fashion bloggers on Instagram.

Minimalism is very suitable for women over 50. But be careful, keep a balance so as not to look too boring and strict. Wear a white shirt with classic jeans or a plaid shirt. Ladies over 50 should pay attention to the smoothness of the lines and expensive high-quality fabrics. And by adding just one bright detail to a suit or dress in pastel colors, you will look fresh and stylish.


Women in their 40s do not need to be afraid to look romantic and even playful. Add more colorful shoes, change the V-shaped, and the bags to small bags, wear open dresses with straps. After all, youth is even more beautiful!

spring fresh dress

Don't forget about dresses and overalls

Pleated and asymmetrical dresses, dresses with a shirt, elegant dress styles, knitted mussel dresses, overalls or unusual cuts will be on the wave of popularity. This is always a profitable investment for a woman if you make the right choice for your physique.

бяла пролетна рокля

By the way, if you have a "great" figure - there is no reason to wear closed clothes. Our collection also contains fashion images for plump women in the spring of 2022. In the end, you can attract attention with a beautiful neckline or good waist. Stick to a vertical bar, think of effective combinations of different textures in one set, it is visually slender. Also avoid layering and excess volume.

Another fashion temptation

Casual clothes

In the spring of 2022, this approach to the layout of the wardrobe will be more relevant than ever, in addition, it will save you money. Here are some simple rules:

Usually our wardrobe contains no more than 30 things and each of them can be combined with the others in one way or another.

Divide all your things into 4 parts: I like this thing, I don't wear it very often, I don't wear it for a long time. This will help you update your wardrobe.

Choose a main line as the basis of your wardrobe. For example, a dress or a midi skirt.

Do not include models such as outerwear with inserts or lace in the list of favorite things. Beware of crystals and very bright decorative elements.

Jeans are your friend. Get two pairs of quality jeans. The trend is models with a high waist, short legs and no hem.

Shoes are also important. You should have classic out-of-fashion sneakers and low-heeled boots.

Pay attention! A common mistake when compiling an everyday wardrobe is the uniformity of the above elements, color schemes and prints. Often in photos of whole models you can see colorful scarves and necklaces, which creates the illusion of diversity. In fact, only a scarf can really change something in the image, because it will create a different look.

We hope you enjoyed our ideas for fashion photos and will surely bring them to life in the spring of 2022. And we will continue to delight readers with selections, with a fresh look at fashion!

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