Styles of dresses for plump ladies - how to choose the right one

Dresses for overweight women should emphasize all the advantages of the figure and skillfully hide the shortcomings. After all, beauties with a gorgeous figure should not hide their charms under shapeless clothes - on the contrary, you need to know what to show others to enjoy the attention and compliments.

clothing for an overweight woman

How to choose the right outfit?

The first thing you need to do when choosing the right outfit is determine your strengths. These can be: slender legs , graceful waist or gorgeous bust . Once you know your body type, you will know what kind of dress is perfect for you.

dress for fat

But baggy and shapeless clothes that are worth saying firmly and unequivocally "no" to take them out of your wardrobe permanently. Every beauty deserves to wear a dress that emphasizes her charms. Even if your parameters do not meet any standards, this is not a reason to deprive yourself of the pleasure of looking great.

pants for plump women

It is worth forgetting about too thin fabrics - it is better to choose fabrics that maintain their shape well, as they will provide an additional effect of adhesion.

tunics for fat women

Poor quality, cheap fabrics are also not your choice. You want to look good, don't you?

The best styles of dresses

Stylists recommend women with gorgeous shapes to complement their wardrobe with the following models of dresses:

Sheath dress . This model has a great effect and versatility. A dress with a sheath must be chosen exactly in size so that it does not form unnecessary folds that can spoil the whole effect. Choose a dress with a complete neutral fabric for every day or give preference to the deeper shades of graphite, burgundy, blue and purple if it is an evening dress.

black short dress for plump girls

orange dress for a fat woman

A-Line . Such dresses gradually expand downwards and make your look airy, elegant and light. These models are very comfortable to wear because they do not restrict movement at all. And if you want to emphasize the waist, you can do it with a bright belt or ribbon.

dress for fat woman type A line

Bat type dress - the style is suitable for tall women as it visually reduces growth. Its feature is in elegant sleeves with a wide cut, which hide full arms and make the upper part of the figure visually lighter.

bat type dress for thick hands

A dress with a deep neckline . If you want to seduce with your beautiful breasts - choose the style of the dress with a deep neckline, but let it be just mysterious, not vulgar. Too tight models are also not welcome. And don't forget that the skirt in the low cut should be half the length - shape either the neckline or the legs.

dress that emphasizes the bust

Dress with an asymmetrical cut - the lack of symmetry will distract from the imperfections of the figure. Such accents can be in the collar, hem or waist.

dress with asymmetry

dress with asymmetrical length

Drapery Dress . But do not overdo the decoration of the toilet when possible. Pleated and voluminous draperies must be in the right place - this is the secret of their success. The most universal option is considered to be a semi-fixed dress, decorated with vertical folds at the waist or hips. This guarantees the femininity of the outfit and you will look incredibly cute in it.

dress with drapery

High Waist Dress . These are chic dresses in the Greek style and other, no less magical outfits, in which the figure becomes seductive and thin, as if visually stretched. At the same time, the beauty of the luxurious bust is perfectly emphasized, and the round belly and excessively lush hips are hidden in delicate draperies.

Greek style dress

Trapeze dress is a mid-length dress with a hem that extends down. Such a model is able to balance the proportions. It is suitable for owners of an apple-like figure, as well as for those whose bust looks much more massive than the thighs.

trapeze dress

Appropriate fabrics and fabric colors

The choice of material for the dress is no less important than choosing the right model. Do not think that the color of dresses for rounder ladies should be extremely monophonic. For example, you can use an attractive combination of bright colored blocks - they will be arranged in the form of inserts so that your figure becomes visually thinner.

You also need to visually stretch the silhouette and vertical stripes. As for the fabrics, it is better to give up too narrow stretch materials, as they can ugly emphasize the folds.

And if we talk about color, then it is worth noting the three most spectacular shades of dresses that can turn any fat woman into a queen:

black - everyone likes it;

red is the color of passion, luxurious looking. Just keep in mind that this is an evening option, not an everyday option;

White is an unusual choice for great shapes - this shade will make your look bright and shiny, which is very difficult to obtain from dark fabrics.


As for jewelry, there is one universal rule - if the dress itself is decorated (regardless of metal rivets or fabric), then there should be at least accessories - such as a smooth bracelet or laconic earrings.

accessories for plump women.

If the dress has a simple cut, then choose brighter and more dynamic accessories - these can be straps, hair ornaments or restrained everyday necklaces.

Combine dresses with shoes correctly - shoes with a stable wide heel, ankle boots or sandals with open toes are ideal (depending on the weather, of course). Classic boats are also suitable.