What to combine sneakers with a high sole?

high heel sneakers

This article could end with the first sentence, because the answer to the question of what to combine high-soled sneakers with is almost anything, but let's shed a little more light on the topic.

Nowadays, we can wear sneakers with a high sole in any occasion - wedding, party, meeting, walking and many more. But let's analyze the best combinations now.

With a short skirt or dress.

First and foremost, wearing high-soled sneakers is a must when you choose to go out with a short dress or skirt. This combination will make your legs visually longer. You can add a short jacket to your look. You will be great!

High-soled shoes in combination with trousers.

The combination is perfect, but try to choose pants with a low waist. The rule here is that the "bulkier" the pants are, the better they will match the sneakers. Or in other words, to add the perfect pants to your high-top sneakers aim to choose pants that are one size up, as this will create visual bulkiness.

What about a suit?

If you are a fan of elegant and classic clothes, then there is absolutely no problem to combine your new high-heeled sneakers with some suit. What you can only complete the look is a more casual hairstyle.

And my favorite combination is a dress with sneakers.

Of course, the dress should be more simple and ordinary because if you wear a formal dress with sneakers you risk becoming a laughing stock.

What color sneakers should we choose?

White sneakers are generally the best option. Just light shoes look beautiful in all occasions. They get dirty easily when it's raining outside, but it's also very easy to carry wet wipes with you to clean the shoes si.

That's why black sneakers are the most practical option. I personally have both types of shoes, so I can always judge before going out what to put on my feet.

What are the most current models?

I'll share my personal opinion here. My top picks for high-top sneakers are EA7 and FILA, but I also have Nike models like the Air Max, which aren't a bad option either.

In general, there is a huge variety of models and brands on the market. Just follow your style!

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