How to choose the perfect prom dress?

The prom is one of the most beautiful and exciting events, which in importance and significance can be compared to a wedding. And the dress in which you will meet him will be remembered by you and your friends for a lifetime. Therefore, today we will talk about how to choose the right prom dress.

The perfect dress, properly selected in color, style, length, taking into account the peculiarities of the figure and current trends, will become an outfit for the queen of the evening and will delight you even after many years, even in the form of fond memories and photos.

blue prom dress

TOP 7 most popular styles of prom dresses

Greek style dress

The Greek style dress is always relevant and incredibly feminine. A light chiffon material that flutters in the wind describes the sexual curves of its owner - you can't find a more romantic fabric in the world! Plus, if you want to look slimmer and hide, for example, extra inches at the waist and hips, no doubt - a Greek-style dress is your best option!

prom dress in Greek style

NEW BOW dress

Fashion critics have become involved in this equally colorful and original trend - this is a dress in the style of "New Bow". She is feminine and fabulously beautiful, carries the spirit of Audrey Hepburn's time and is incredibly luxurious! New Bow will look great, both in slender shapes and on more rounded. Mandatory attribute of this dress are high heels, preferably slightly above average. Because the length of the dress, reaching to the ankle, has the property to visually reduce the height.

Elegant prom dress

Luxurious formal prom dress

Short dress

If you think that you have beautiful and slender legs should definitely be emphasized in school photos, the fluffy mini dress will perfectly complete the image of the most attractive and modern graduate of the class. Models with the same proportions (high waists are now less popular with designers) are considered more appropriate.

low-back dress

Bare back dress

Someone wants to show off their legs at a prom, someone a perfect waist, and others something more spicy, such as an open back. Such dresses look in a particularly attractive and alluring way, they catch the eye and cause admiration. And most importantly - open back dresses do not interfere with your right to choose exactly the length you like best. From the sexiest miniskirts to modest floor lengths, a bare back dress can turn even the most modest and inconspicuous schoolgirl into a Hollywood star!

Sexy prom dress

Unique and different prom dress

Bare shoulders

The key trend of the year is bare shoulders. It is used in completely different ways, but is most effectively combined with elegant styles of evening and cocktail dresses :

* To create a gentle and romantic look, floor-length or medium length dresses with transparent lace sleeves that minimally cover the shoulders will help.

* No less sophisticated, but more exciting option - wide V-neck, complemented by thin straps, slung over the shoulders. Such outfits incredibly beautifully emphasize the neckline.

* Dresses with short or long wavy sleeves in combination with a straight neckline look spectacular.

Such outfits will make you fabulously beautiful, attractively gentle and charmingly modest.

ethereal dress for graduation

formal dress for graduation

Shiny dress

Legends about the reputation of the shiny dress may soon be added. As the opinions of the female half clearly differ: for some the shiny dress is bad taste, for others it is a way to express your individuality and brightness without resorting to bad nuances. In fact, it is not a dress with sequins or without sequins, but quality. You have to admit that even the simplest little black dress can look cheap and vulgar if the fabric or sewing is of poor quality.

shiny ball gown with sequins

Beige lace dress

Such a small breakfast in front of the main dessert in the form of a lace beige dress, which has long stood next to the famous little black dress and is no less than it in its beauty and flexibility. Romantic light lace, tight or loose models, mini length, mussels and maxi - dress with beige lace, this is your dessert that you will enjoy not only at the ball, but also on other special occasions!

beige lace dress

Sheath dress

Choosing your star prom dress, remember, a figure is something that never goes out of style! And if you are tormented by great doubts whether the dress in the style of "New Bow" is right for you or not, then the classic dress with a sheath suits everyone, without exception. With peplum, unusual cut, with lantern sleeves with unusual curly neckline, brighter and more muted shades or the simplest cut - with a dress with a wrap you will be in the center of the prom party!

After all, the most important thing in a girl is the girl herself. And even the most expensive dress won't make you the queen of the evening if it doesn't fit well.

dress with transfer

A-line - the perfect dress for any figure

If you are looking for a prom dress that looks equally beautiful, both on a perfect figure and on a silhouette with parameters far from the standard of beauty, look at models with A-silhouette. This universal style eliminates all imperfections, emphasizing your beauty and sophistication.

The vest and skirt set always stays up to date. A dress with an A-line silhouette will become a winning choice if you want to focus on spectacular jewelry accessories. The laconic cut of this outfit can be safely complemented by an abundance of decor without fear of overloading the look.

prom dress type A line

Spectacular prom dress

Rules for choosing the perfect dress

The prom will be remembered for a lifetime. It only lasts one day, but the wonderful photos and videos, even after decades, will remind you how young, beautiful and happy you were. And in order not to be overshadowed by these memories of regret that the dress was chosen incorrectly or its shade was chosen incorrectly, carefully approach the search for clothes, graduating from school happens once in a lifetime. What should I pay attention to in the first place, since there are so many suitable dresses for the gala evening?

transparent prom dress

The balance between beauty and comfort

All girls, especially prom girls, strive to be the most beautiful. This is logical and commendable, but in the pursuit of the original image it is important not to overdo it. The prom dress should be not only beautiful, but also comfortable, because in the evening you will walk, dance and have a lot of fun. If the toilet is excessively extravagant, the movement can cause discomfort - the holiday can be ruined. Just imagine how uncomfortable it is to sit at the table and have fun in the three-dimensional models. It is better to give preference to comfortable dresses, not devoid of originality. The balance between creativity and comfort will be the best choice.

But if you were fascinated by a dress with a creative cut that will definitely impress, but you will not be comfortable, you can do it wisely: buy it for the formal part, and for the party after the presentation of diplomas, change into another, more comfortable, but no less beautiful formal dress.

black dress

Practicality is in vogue

Naturalness is in vogue, replacing bulky and uncomfortable outfits with intricate cuts. The current prom dresses are distinguished by elegant style and are sewn from pleasant airy fabrics. At the same time, the models are not without originality. This is the case when practical does not mean boring. You can look impressive and very presentable, but also feel absolutely comfortable.

red prom dress

pink lace prom dress

Top famous Colors for Prom Dresses

Color plays a huge role in creating the vision. Dresses of the same style, but made in different colors, look completely different, so choose the color carefully and critically. Do not stop your choice of shiny fabrics, it is better to give preference to modern pastel tones, rich blue, exquisite burgundy, spectacular marsala. Of the brightest shades, the most current are turquoise and orange. Classic black and white are always in fashion, but a dress in this color should be chosen very carefully to avoid associations with mourning or wedding themes.

But the trends are choosing a dress based on hair color and skin tone to most effectively emphasize your beauty.

turquoise prom dress

prom dress in burgundy

Deep neckline is the key to a spectacular look

Do you think modesty is good, but at the prom you want to look bright, impressive and even a little provocative? Then you will definitely like bold and daring evening dresses with very deep necklines.

This neckline combines perfectly with laconic styles and restrained shades, which will make you the most charming. But, it is important to note that these trendy models are not suitable for every girl. Sophisticated and stylish, they look like ladies with a clean and not so big bust. Then there is no hint of vulgarity, the image is stable and fabulously beautiful.

Owners of large breasts are better off giving up such models.

prom dress for a girl with small breasts

Don't overdo it

Graduation is an extremely important event and that is why I want to appear in all my light. But do not confuse too short dresses. The beauty of youth is better emphasized than modest models. If you want to wear a dress with a chic neckline, it is better to have it on the back. If you are trying to show off your legs, it is best to choose a dress with an asymmetrical skirt.

Asymmetrical prom dress

How to choose a dress for graduating from 8th, 12th grade and university

Graduation is a long-awaited and very responsible holiday. Girls are looking forward to it with pleasant anticipation, because it is an ideal opportunity to try the image of a romantic young lady or an elegant princess. Since every prom wants to create an up-to-date and modern image, it is worth choosing a suitable dress in advance. At the same time, focus not only on your taste. It is equally important to take into account the peculiarities of appearance, as well as the format of the holiday.

Obviously, the perfect dress for an 8th grader will be different from the image of a university graduate.

Goodbye High School

Graduation in 8th grade is less solemn than at the end of school. This fact must be taken into account when choosing clothing. You don't have to wear a gorgeous floor-length dress studded with exquisite decor.

* The freshness and beauty of a young girl is perfectly emphasized by a short dress or a dress of medium length.

* It is better to avoid extremely short dresses.

* Frank clippings are taboo, they do not adorn young girls, they only give an absurd image.

* An excellent solution is a dress with a solid bottom in delicate colors.

* Slim young ladies are perfect for elegant models.

elegant short dress with lace

The most important completion

Graduation is the most long-awaited day for high school students, because it symbolizes goodbye not only from school, but also to a carefree childhood in general. Yesterday's students enter adulthood and celebrate this event in a special way. At such a gala event, everyone wants to look amazing.

Perfect for this are beautiful long dresses with interesting accents. Dresses with lace upholstery and embroidery are especially relevant. High beautifully draped skirts with maxi length, original cut neckline, loose sleeves and other spectacular accents look appropriate. You can go the other way and choose a short model. There are many elegant and original options, based on which it will be possible to create an amazing vision.

long dress for prom

Last Graduation

Extremely responsible event - graduation from university. It is radically different from the school ball, because here you are no longer a former student, but a young successful woman with goals, perspectives and clear plans. And you need the right clothes.

Universal solution - elegant dress to the ground, you can afford quite bold models. Playful short dresses will also work. And if you can not decide, choose a model with a short bottom, on top of which there is a translucent part. They are extremely relevant and very practical.

translucent dress for graduation ball

Should I choose a short or long dress?

The length of the prom dress can be any. If you want to create a feminine and elegant look, then choose long models. Only preference should be given to models of ethereal materials. An winning option is an empire style dress. A good fashion accent will be with a high waist.

ethereal obslove dress

For those who want to show off their beautiful legs - focus on short evening dresses. They are practical and very convenient.

Short prom dress options

On the one hand, the dress looks very touching, sweet, somehow completely innocent. On the other hand, there is so much femininity and charm in it that everyone present at the celebration involuntarily admires such a beautiful prom. Style, charm, romance - there is everything that will help you become the queen of the ball and outsmart your classmates.

A voluminous dress suits almost everyone, regardless of the size of the waist and hips:

short voluminous dress

layered prom dress

Set of skirt and top

Do you still think that a prom dress can't be both elegant and casual? The current set of "skirt + top" will change your views on evening fashion. Together, this set looks elegant, solemn and is suitable for celebrating graduation at school. But if you use it separately, for example, to wear a skirt with something else, then your friends or classmates will never assume that your new skirt is part of your prom clothes.

skirt set and prom top

formal skirt

Dress with floral prints and appliques

Dress with floral applique looks very festive and will give the image of girlish charm. Transparent dresses made of organza (chiffon), decorated with a scattering of flowers, look especially delicate and romantic.

dresses with floral motifs

Feather or fringe dress

Are you watching the movie "Gatsby" with bated breath and couldn't take your eyes off the main character's dress? Then a stylish dress with fringe or feathers, originally from the fashion of the 20-30s, will suit you. In a dress with feathers of light shades you will look like a small fluffy cloud or an angel. And in fringe - give chances to all your friends and, of course, to your classmates!

Feather dress

Straight-cut dress

If you are looking for a prom dress that can be worn after the holiday, then your high demands will be met by a stylish dress with a-line. In such a dress you will look gorgeous, thanks to which the whole world will learn about this cute girl's silhouette.

If your choice fell on a simple trapeze dress, devoid of any decor, complement the look with an elegant bag or necklace. With just one thing, otherwise - your appearance will be very overloaded, and jewelry will not achieve the desired effect.

Trapeze dress

NEW LOOK style

Despite the fact that the fashion for lavish pompous dresses is long gone, you still want to look especially beautiful and elegant so that passers-by know what kind of holiday you have today - prom party. In such a bright dress you will not get lost in the crowd of prom girls and everyone present will admire your stylish clothes.

lavish prom dress

Asymmetrical length dress

You dream of a dress like Kate Middleton, but you know perfectly well that you shouldn't wear it to a prom - there's too much luxury. We think you will find a beautiful dress with an asymmetrical length, the back of which looks like this. Seeing you in such a dress, the girlfriends will tear their hair, because you will look just great!

dress with asymmetrical length

Long prom dress - a tribute to tradition or a spectacular choice?

A floor-length dress for graduation is the traditional choice of girls who prefer sophistication. Those who believe that maxi length is just a tribute to tradition, are wrong and in today's world you can choose more original short models. Stylists unanimously declare that the most correct length for evening dresses is definitely maxi. The girl will always look stunning in this outfit.

You will have many occasions to dress in short dresses, but the opportunity to parade in a chic evening dress to the ground is not always available.

So do not miss the opportunity to wear a feminine and super elegant dress. In addition, long dresses have many advantages:

* Their obvious advantage is the noble appearance. Long models are very self-contained, so it is possible to create stunning looks with their help.

* The second important advantage of the maxi dress is the ability to perfectly model the silhouette.

After a properly selected long evening dress, it will be possible to magically transform the figure. And this gift should be used, especially for graduates, for whom it is important to be irresistible.

green prom dress

Mermaid Dress

The most feminine and romantic silhouette of a long ball gown is a fairy mermaid dress. This outfit is more suitable for girls with an hourglass figure. Due to the silhouette that highlights the figure of its owner, the dress looks particularly feminine, attractive, but, unfortunately, does not suit everyone.

mermaid type dress

The ideal style depends on the type of figure.

Long dresses are universal because they suit everyone. The key is to choose the right style.

* For tall and slender girls will go any model of long dress.

* If you have long legs you should definitely focus on them using a large slit. But the rift, of course, must be within decency.

* Models with a high waist are recommended for girls of medium height. Vertically oriented print, especially ribbon, will also help visually add growth.

* A long dress should definitely be complemented with high heels.

long dress with a slit

Where can I buy a prom dress?

You still have time to consider options, try different styles and experiment with accessories. Try it so that during the holiday ball you can say with absolute confidence - your graduation dress is really the best.