The advantages of a dress in the Greek style.

dress in greek style

Classic dress in Greek style has long been an indispensable part of any fashion collection. The cut of this type of dress allows ladies of any figure to include it in their solemn and everyday looks, but what is the secret of this intricate cut?

What is a Greek style dress?

Stylists call this style unusually feminine, ethereal, able to turn both evening and everyday visions into divinely beautiful. And it is the cut of the dress that is the basis of this beauty.

What distinguishes "Greek" dresses from others is the beautiful and majestic presentation of the silhouette of a beautiful woman. Almost all varieties of this style fit softly to the chest line and "flow" freely along the feminine curves of the waist and hips, making them ideal for overweight women.

And despite the distinctive features, the designers are competing to create the most perfect version of this dress. They start with the classic model, in which the dress is attached to one shoulder with an impressive drape or brooch, up to the level of the ankles. In this model, the designers emphasize the waist line with a wide belt.

Another variant of the "Greek dress" is a model in which the shoulders are completely bare and the neckline has a round shape. This model can have a standard or high waist, accentuated by a belt and a common edging for the neckline and waist. The length of the dress can vary from the knee to the ankle.

"The most modest dresses" in the Greek style have a round neckline that almost covers the neck and resembles a majestic necklace. In some models, this has been replaced by a straight collar lined with steering wheels. The cut of the upper part is characterized by a "loose fit", which only shows the curves of the female body. For some formal events, you can find models whose neckline reaches all the way to the waist.

silver dress

The huge interest in this dress makes designers constantly invent new models, so for the ladies who do not like bare shoulders, there is a model of a Greek dress that covers the shoulders and arms. The dress can look like a tunic that is mid-thigh length or floor-length.

It should be noted that the length of the hem varies considerably in the respective style. The classic models are floor-length dresses. However, other solutions in the Greek style are permissible. The skirt can end in the middle of the thigh, as well as in the knee or lower leg. In addition, asymmetry and contour solutions are actively used.

The tunic dress is a classic element of the Greek style. Their main difference from other models is that it is only occasionally decorated with draperies.

What fabrics are best for Greek style dresses?

All models of this style, casual or evening dresses are sewn from "flowing fabrics", which are not only easy to drape, but can also fix on themselves various decorative elements. These include silk and its "continuation" - satin and chiffon. Sometimes you can find lace patterns, but as a rule, the lace itself is layered on one of the mentioned materials, creating an additional sense of femininity and lightness. Often fashion designers use embroidery with stones, pearls and beads as an element of decor, which enhances the effect of the cut. To the listed materials can be added thin knitwear, which is the basis of a tunic dress.

What color should the dress be?

white greek dress

White is the color of this dress. In Greek style, it can be combined with various contrasting elements in other shades, such as red, gold or black. Other color shades can also be used. Blue, pastel pink, sky blue, gold, pearl, ecru and other shades soften the solemn look of the dress. These colors will add festivity to the look in combination with expensive fabrics. For casual models, designers often offer dresses with a print - floral, animalistic, fantasy or ethnic motifs. brilliance.

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Recommendations for choosing the right dress

We are sure that a Greek style dress will fit perfectly on almost any type of figure, but provided that the woman chooses the right model.

If you have an inverted triangle figure, the best choice would be a Greek-style dress with a neckline and a clearly marked waist.

If your figure is a "pear" type, we recommend that you choose a long model with a curve over the shoulder or with bell-type sleeves.

For ladies who have an apple figure, it is recommended to wear Greek-style dresses that have a collar that mimics a necklace and a clearly defined waistline.

If you have the perfect hourglass figure, there are no limits for you.

Another rule you need to know is that the fuller your figure, the smoother and lower the hem of the dress should be.

Comply with the occasion for which you will wear the dress

Short models are more suitable for wearing during the day. For special occasions, floor length is best.

Greek style casual dresses.

If you have decided to wear such a dress in your everyday life, we recommend that you choose simpler models and cuts that do not accentuate your chest.

Add to the dress a denim mini jacket or leather jacket, flat or high heel sandals and a hat.

If you want to achieve a romantic look, you can't do it without the help of a Greek-style dress. You can combine the dress with thin, openwork vests, sweaters and knitted tops. Suitable shoes for them will be a pair of flat shoes, sandals or slippers.

If you want to look stunning at a holiday party, an evening or prom dress in Greek style will emphasize your femininity. However, you have to be very careful, because it is with them that it is very easy to cross the line of taste.

If you have chosen a Greek-style dress for your graduation, then we advise you to have this floor-length dress with an asymmetrical hem, or those models that end at the knee line. Models with open back and draped slits would also be a good choice. But options with bare torso parts are best left for other occasions. In addition to the dress, you need to choose the right shoes. The most open high-heeled sandals are suitable for chiffon models, and shoes with closed toes in front for silk.

Pay attention to the Greek-style cocktail dress. It is short and has a length that is not lower than the knee line. In addition to draperies, the designers add to such models of the "Greek" dress, cascading frills, asymmetrical sleeves, including those that lack one shoulder, with an extended peplum. Such a dress becomes the focus of the look and therefore should not be overdone with the hairstyle.