Choice of medical clothing.

tunic for nurse

What are the requirements for medical clothing?

Recently, overalls have become a recognizable feature of medical professionals, which distinguishes them from other professions. Aprons, suits, hats, masks and other items of clothing form the basis of the image of the doctor and nurse, both in the waiting room, the reception room and the operating room.

We must first answer the question "what are the functions of nurse clothing?"

1.Medical uniform indicates the scope of human activity;

2.Protects the body and normal clothing from contact with blood, drugs and other substances.

Medical aprons

According to the functional purpose, the clothes for doctors are from the following categories:

1.Medical clothing for operations;

2.Uniform for medical manipulations in the waiting rooms of the hospital;

3.For pathological procedures;

In general, the standards of medical clothing depend on the specialty of the doctor, but there are universal requirements for medical uniforms:

1. Clean uniforms. Doctors should wear a clean uniform every day. Medical clothing should withstand a lot of laundry and be crumpled as little as possible, because this will save time, which is extremely valuable to health professionals.

2. Convenience is my top priority. Medical uniforms should be one size larger. Doctors and nurses move a lot, so their uniforms should not interfere with movement.

3. The fabric must be breathable. Breathable fabrics contribute to comfort throughout the working day.

There is a huge variety of medical clothing on the Internet, which allows you to emphasize your own style, to look fashionable in the workplace.

Now let's look at the requirements for medical hats .

The medical cap is an important part of every doctor's or nurse's outfit. The medical cap performs an important protective function: it prevents hair from falling on objects and surfaces in the doctor's office and operating rooms. Also, the accessory protects the hair from contact with drugs. The requirements for a medical cap depend on the conditions under which it will be used. It should be:


2.Made of hypoallergenic material.

3. Breathable and resistant to moisture.

4. Durable and resistant to wear.

What should be the requirements for medical gowns?

The appearance of the medic includes many elements, but the main part of the clothing is the mantle or uniform. In clinics, dentistry, hospitals and private reception wards. The standard white mantle has become a hallmark of doctors, so special attention is paid to its choice. The aprons are also used by medical students - they are worn both in lectures and in practical classes outside the university.

Medical apron requirements depend on where they are used. The main thing is that the uniform of the medical staff is sterile, practical and comfortable. For specialists working in the admission department and in the hospital, there are usually no restrictions on appearance.

What should be the length of the sleeves? In the warm season, short-sleeved models are relevant, and logically in the cold season - with long sleeves; there may be special requirements related to the specifics of the work.

How long should medical clothing be? Minimum length - just above the knee; for their convenience, doctors often choose knee-length aprons;

tunic for nurse

What size should a medical tunic and pants be? Medical uniforms should not be bought in the hope of losing weight. This item of clothing should be slightly loose so that the doctor or nurse does not feel uncomfortable moving.

Color and style are also important. A medical professional who spends most of his time in a work uniform wants to be sure that he is dressed nicely and correctly, because confidence helps him to do his job better. High-quality and stylish medical clothing increases self-confidence and allows you to feel comfortable in any situation.

It is possible for the hospital where you work to purchase uniforms for all employees in the same color and style to emphasize the individuality of the institution. Bright design solutions in clothing will help you stand out from the competition. Pockets on tunics and trousers, inserts of other colors, embroidery, interesting buttons and various patterns are used as decorative elements.

shoes for medical workers

Medical shoe requirements

Doctors and nurses spend most of their working time on their feet. Receiving patients, moving between rooms and floors in a hospital, performing operations - all this requires endurance during the day. If the shift lasts longer, then fatigue will only accumulate. Comfortable shoes will allow you to feel comfortable while working and not experience foot pain.

Basic requirements for medical footwear

1. Wide finger - prevents pressure on the fingers and the appearance of calluses;

2. Shoes should not slip - tiles are the most used flooring in healthcare facilities. They are often washed and disinfected, which makes them slippery, so it is important that doctors and nurses feel as comfortable as possible. / p>

3. Durability - high quality shoes are worn for a long time;

4. High sole - allows you not to create additional stress on the spine;

5. Good ventilation and heat exchange - to prevent dermatological diseases.

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