Combine with a mustard-colored dress

jacket in the color of mustard

Every woman needs to complement her wardrobe with something original with an unusual color.The most stylish and original women prefer to add "mustard" in the form of a dress made of dense fabric. Why do they make such a choice and why is this color so popular?

Mustard color characteristics.

Mustard belongs to the warm colors, warms the eye and activates the physiological processes of the body with its sharpness and subconscious associations. Combines perfectly with autumn greenery, nature and the warming sunshine.

At the level of intuition, even if we are not professional stylists, we feel that during the autumn-winter period the dress or jacket with mustard color is completely appropriate.

Who needs mustard-colored clothes?

Blondes are more suitable for muted shades of mustard. If your skin is pale, it is best for the shades of your mustard dress to be calm.

If you are a brunette in the winter, you can choose a dress with contrasting shades or complex color combinations, in the ranks of which will be included a bright mustard tone.

Ladies with darker complexions often use mustard color in their outfits and rightly so: the color attracts attention.

Mustard blouse

Mustard-colored dress is suitable for almost all red-haired women, but you must be very careful when choosing the color tone. The best option would be a mustard yellow shade, where the proportion of mustard is smaller.

You will create a bright and expressive look with a dress of different colors. If your dress is in the color of mustard, you can add color accents - black edging or gold collar. Another good option are interesting patterns or prints in the appropriate color.

By the way, if you are about to have a wedding, mustard-colored dresses would be a great choice for your bridesmaids.

yellow dress

Yellow dresses with lace ornaments

Mustard itself is a very complex color. To make it more suitable for everyone, designers often resort to certain color tricks: dilute the mustard dress with contrasting decorative elements.

So, a dress of this shade may have a white lace collar. White lace collar can transform any dress. If it is removable and embroidered with large beads, it will give the mustard dress an elegant festive look, in those moments when you need it.

mustard-colored dress with lace

The sleeves can be cut, which will also add uniqueness to your look. Shades of lace can contrast with the main tone of the dress or, conversely, complement it. In the first case you will get the image of a bright, showy woman, in the second - the image of an elegant secular lady.

Lace adds femininity to the look.

What colors do mustard go with?

The combination of sandy, beige and brown is great.

The simplest and at the same time calm combination of mustard color happens with colors adjacent to shades, namely sand, beige and brown shades.

Often in designer collections you can find dresses with a repeating geometric pattern of these listed options. The geometrically repeating pattern gives the dress energy and dynamism. This option is designed for energetic open women who find it difficult to be passive.

Mustard-colored dress is chosen by girls who are not afraid of experiments. At first glance, it is very difficult to find a suitable jacket or other accompanying item for such a garment. It is enough to determine the brightness, depth and color saturation of the dress.

The most popular are muted tones, with a touch of green, black and brown. They have a complex composition, but very interesting for creating stylish sets. When choosing a "mustard partner", you must first pay attention to the autumn color of fallen leaves, the trunk of the tree, even a purple sunset can be an inspiration for finding the optimal combination.

The main rule when combining adjacent colors: we combine muted shades with muted, bright with bright. In general, if the mustard has a rich hue, then brown should not lag behind. A combination of mustard and chocolate colors can also look interesting. This option will look good on brunettes with brown or green eyes.

Combination with blue.

My favorite combination is blue (ultramarine) or "aqua".

dress in mustard and blue

The contrasting combination, on the one hand, balances the opposite color, on the other hand, makes the look more spectacular, adding sharpness.

The combination with black is also very good.

Black or white can be individual accessories to the dress, such as a jacket or vest, accessories in the form of jewelry, leather strap and other accessories, as well as decorative elements on the dress itself or original prints of these monochrome colors. Even at first glance, the simplest print - small circles and dots - looks very unusual in a mustard dress.

As for tights, opaque thick black tights will be suitable for the autumn-winter period. This color goes well with everyone else. In warmer weather, body tights, barely noticeable on a woman's legs, will be more appropriate.

Suitable mustard shoes

In summer, safari sandals are best. They always have some noble shade of light brown. Beige shoes with animal prints are a more colorful option.

However, if you have difficulty choosing shoes, then black classic shoes will always come to your aid. In winter it can be solid mustard or dark green boots in combination with thick black tights.

What makeup should I choose to suit my dress?

When applying make-up, keep the make-up in natural shades. For spring and autumn make-up, it is enough to emphasize the natural beauty by adding a drop of beige gloss to the lips and light brown eye shadow shades. Other color types can be a wide palette of cool shades and slightly smoky.

If you are about to have an important event, then cherry or even bright red lipstick will go great. Combines well with light skin and mustard shade of the dress. In this case, avoid smoky makeup.

What should be the color of our nails?

If you paint your nails yourself, choose a natural body color. For special occasions, a gold finish and small glittering crystals would add festivity.

In conclusion, we want to tell you not to be afraid to combine complex colors in your wardrobe. After all, they make our image unique and modern. One rule applies to the mustard color - it always dominates the look. Whichever mustard dress you choose, remember that a friendly smile and good mood are always the key to a successful look!