Marine style clothing

navy pants

Marine style is a fashion trend of clothes and accessories, which is used mainly for the summer period. It is characterized by outfits for spa relaxation. Today, this style of flow is easily adapted to the everyday and office look. The clothes in combination with marine and sports trends, on the right, are considered aristocratic and form the basis of clothing for yachtsmen.

navy blouse

The marine theme in clothing has retained its basic elements and has not changed in practice for 100 years. Some extravagant classics include striped clothes, unique collars, cuffs and accessories in the form of chains, anchors, frills and marine life.

Nautical style of clothing - history and interesting facts

The founder of nautical style fashion is the United Kingdom. During the reign of Queen Victoria, the country won a strong victory in the water and as a sign of universal pride, the British population began to wear clothes that look like the shape of a navy. Clothes of simple fabric and laconic sewing were worn by the lower strata of the population (as a form of sailors) or more complex styles, such as the form of captains, were liked by a richer audience.

sea bag

After a few years, the nautical style of clothing penetrated the upper strata of the population and became part of the resort fashion. Coco Chanel, sensing the mood of the aristocratic audience of the 1930s, opened his first stores off the coast of France. The main part of the range are comfortable knitted clothes with stripes and other marine themes.

striped navy blouse

During the war and the post-war period, the trend towards wearing sea clothes decreased slightly, but with the advent of the 1950s, everything changed. Leading fashion houses such as Dior, Chanel, Vivienne Westwood, Yves Saint Laurent have raised the resort theme and present the collections of the Resort's resorts every year.

dress with anchor

How to build a marine-style vision

There are three main colors of this fashion trend - blue, white, red. Modern models can be made in beige, mint, turquoise or pink, but designers rarely move away from this palette. Marine clothing contains a contrasting stripe, where white alternates with darker, most often black or blue. The print appeared due to yachting and rowing. Today, the bar can be horizontal, vertical, or diagonal.

Women's clothing in nautical style - the main features:

* three main colors - blue, red and white

* lack of floral patterns and ethnic ornaments

* monochrome outfits

* gold upholstery and accessories

* comfortable textile or suede shoes

* slightly tight or loose silhouette

* shopping bags and hats

dress in blue stripes

The basis of the marine wardrobe are A-line dresses, loose tunics, cut-out dresses or elongated T-shirts. Today, long dresses complement the nautical style. They are made of natural materials with printed ribbon, nautical ornament or decorated with a thin strap. The best accessories will be a hat with a brim, a round bag, sandals, espadrilles or ballet shoes.

Long dress with nautical motifs

For the bottom, it is preferable to choose outfits with a candid silhouette. Current loose pants, plain shorts or striped pants emphasize the image in a nautical style. Cropped blue jeans will also be a great option. The designers offer models with a high waist, they can also be made of denim, linen or cotton. Complement your outfit with a small bright bag, wedge shoes or a wide leather belt.

striped trousers

Skirts can have different styles and lengths. It is most preferable to choose skirts of medium length. Stylists advise to pay attention to the cut skirt, pencil skirt, straight or A-line. Play with the ribbon display to adjust the shape and add glow to the summer look. Combine a navy style skirt with a simple tight top - a light shirt, a long-sleeved shirt, a white blouse, or a plain T-shirt.

shirt with nautical motifs

The vest is the main attribute of resort fashion, relevant throughout the year. The vest has already become a classic that Coco Chanel introduced into fashion. It is harmoniously combined with clothes of any style. To create a look in a nautical style, combine a vest with a simple monophonic bottom. Fashion bloggers like to combine stripes with geometric prints, shiny dresses or decorative feathers.

Blouse with anchor and red stripes

As a major component of fashionable summer looks, classic shorts find their application in the marine theme. The wide shorts, made of natural material, are harmoniously combined with a cardigan, shirt or top in a nautical style. The most suitable models are Bermuda shorts, high-waisted denim shorts and high cotton shorts.

Outerwear is a separate trend in fashion. Marine-style coats and raincoats deserve special attention. Not only haute couture designers, but also such mass clothing brands as Zara, Mango, Topshop produce modern models jackets and coats every fashion season. They are characterized by a dark blue or red color, with round gold buttons, with a collar for unwinding or straightening.

nautical style coat

Complement your stylish nautical look with a red or blue scarf. Tie your neck or decorate the handle of the bag. From jewelry you can choose chains, pearls, precious stones or woven leather bracelets. Shoes and bags must be made of natural light materials, they may also contain drawings in the form of sea animals or ship's items. The marine-style look must include knitted hats, berets and sunglasses.

short dress with anchor print

For fans of marine clothes

Among the big fans of the nautical style of clothing are models, actresses and even the first ladies. So, a nautical style jacket is a favorite element of the Duchess of Cambridge's fashion wardrobe. She combines it with a neutral fitted or loose skirt or a light dress. Favorite accessories for the wide neckline are ballet shoes and espadrilles.

nautical decorations for blouse

Another member of the royal family, Megan Markle, also likes to wear navy outfits. The Duchess prefers light summer dresses in striped print, linen sundresses, light shirts and casual pants, complemented by ballet shoes and sunglasses.

marine outfits

A close friend of the Duchess and wife of Hollywood actor Amal Clooney also likes to dress in marine-themed outfits for her stores. Strict trousers, a straight dress in stripes, long sundresses, complemented by elegant hats and a round bag - the basis of the marine wardrobe of the popular Amal style.

British-style icon Victoria Beckham prefers loose pants and panties with marine stripes. Former member of the pop group Spice Girls and founder of the Victoria Beckham brand, he often adds stripes and marine accessories to his collections.

Popular British actress Sienna Miller also prefers a nautical style of dress. The actress wore both a classic vest and diluted her look with light dresses, sundresses and dresses in a modern stripe.

Marine style is the choice of millions of girls around the world. Going on vacation, to the sea or just for a walk, modern women are actively choosing marine outfits. Today, elements of the legendary style are actively combined with the modern look, and leading designers do not cease to include nautical style clothing in their collections.