What colors to combine with mint green

Mint lace dress

Want to modernize your wardrobe with the most modern color trend - mint? Why not try something exciting and new. The wardrobe equivalent of caffeine felt in morning coffee, mint green is the favorite of the season. In combination with pastel or cream color, mint has a mild retro effect. And for a complete vision, why not let the mint color cover us from head to toe. We present to your attention a selection of images and tips on how to wear mint green.

Mint Green

The color of freshness, coolness and sea breeze, the color of energy and courage. A soft shade of turquoise and green, mint green is the perfect choice for the upcoming season and we are obsessed with it! Fashion mint covered everything - from accessories to clothes, from makeup to nail polish and even the walls in our house are painted in this color. Decoration for almost all skin tones and so attractive in combination with peach, white, black, beige, dark blue and almost all shades of the rainbow, how can you not love this color?

mint-colored jacket

What colors go with mint?

As such a unique shade, mint green can be combined with many other colors. Combine it with gentle pastel shades for a cute look. This incredible shade of tenderness and femininity is in perfect harmony with soft pink, lavender, beige and body color. Locking colors here would be a good idea, so choose another pastel shade and play with those colors.

Another light shade that looks great with mint and adorns almost all skin tones is white. You will not go wrong when combining a mint skirt, shorts or pants with a white blouse. Therefore, when you do not know what colors are combined with mint green, just stick to the purest color duo: mint and white.

The options are endless, so trust your inner stylist and combine the things you have available!

Pants in mint color

Mint dress

If you are looking for a dress in a color other than black, mint green is a great option. Just consider the color of your skin and hair and choose the shade that suits you best. This dress will provide a unique romantic and fresh look wherever you are. With that in mind, the mint dress is a great look for a first date.

The mint color is suitable for the bridesmaid, especially if the wedding will be romantic. To enhance the look with a mint green dress, complement the outfit with rose gold accessories.

dress in mint color

Mint Pants

Cool and comfortable pants will make any look more attractive and amazing! If you are tired of wearing the same old dresses and skirts, pastel pants will be a great choice for spring days.

For everyday looks, try wearing mint jeans, and for a more formal occasion - pants. Whatever you choose, the pastel mint shade is very modern and can be combined perfectly with a neutral plain color. Complement the look with a mint accessory, such as a watch or some other metal accessory.

mint pants

Mint skirt

The mint skirt will surely bring you a lot of compliments, because the color is refreshing and stylish. Colored mint skirts can enhance the overall look of your outfit. Combined with the right color, they look ultra-modern and chic.

The easiest way to use this shade is to combine it with a white or black top. You can wear heels or any shoes that match your appearance, the main thing is that the color matches.

To look fashionable, try to maintain a minimalist look. Remember that less is more simple because it is stylish. Wear a denim jacket or a black leather jacket to complete the look.

skirt in mint color

Mint shorts

There are several types of shorts and each of them will surely attract attention if it is mint color. Mint always looks gentle, feminine and charming - perfect for the warm season!

Mint green goes well with almost all colors from neutral and pastel to bright. In particular, mint green shorts look fantastic with white wardrobe items. A white blouse with bare shoulders goes well with mint shorts, a straw hat with fringe and metal ballet flats.

Wear white lace, stripes or shirts to look more feminine and romantic. For those who like complex looks but are afraid of very attractive combinations, combine mint green with other pastel colors such as blue, yellow or pale pink.

Shorts in mint color

Mint shirts

Want to give your image lightness and romance? Why not try a mint shirt! Feminine and versatile, this item is a great option for a wide variety of occasions.

Mint shirt combined with denim shorts creates a very young, casual and attractive look. When it comes to shoes, try low-top sneakers or ballet flats to look cute. If you are not afraid to combine different styles, you can wear black fitted jeans and sandals with open heels. Such an outfit will certainly look great. Finish your look with an elegant bag to add maturity and femininity.

mint skirt

A mint jacket or blazer?

Why not invest in something that you will wear for a long time and help you feel comfortable? Mint green jacket or coat is like a breath of fresh air in a sea of black and gray! Such an original coat will be a beautiful and feminine addition to your clothes all year round.

For a winter look, we recommend combining a mint coat with white jeans and pastel colored boots. On the other hand, a three-quarter length coat over a short skirt or dress will create a beautiful modern outfit for spring.

Mint coat and jacket

Mint shoes

If you don't usually use a lot of colors, try to start with your shoes. Women's mint green shoes are a great way to make any look brighter, and it is also suitable for almost any occasion! You can take a walk in these trainings in the evening in the city or have dinner with friends.

You just don't have to overdo it to look stylish. Mint in a gentle light shade will be flawless in itself. This shade is really vibrant and unique. You can easily create a great look with mint green color and look modern, the main thing is to maintain balance.

Peppermint shoes

Mint jewelry and accessories

Modern women who like this fabulous color, but lack the confidence to wear it, can try mint green accessories. They don't have to be huge trinkets, you can find something simpler.

Remember mint green carnations, mint green bead necklaces and mint green rings. They are perfect for adding color to your look. These accessories look especially great when combined with a white dress and a sleek complexion.

Mint green sunglasses, watches, nails, hat, scarf or belt are other accessories worth trying. The beauty of mint is in vogue and looks amazing. In addition, it is a great way to consolidate the trend and show your sense of fashion.

Peppermint jewelry

What is the color of mint in clothes?

* The color itself is great, but can be combined with other pastel shades, such as powder pink, beige or dark turquoise;

* Like summer color, mint is beautiful, but too much mint can "overload" the look. Try to stay minimal in terms of color accumulation;

* Mint looks fantastic in combination with other attractive shades such as orange, yellow or green;

* Add a little mint to your black, white or pastel look with a few eye-catching accessories in a shade.