What to combine with a gray coat?

Spring is almost here, which means now is the time to choose the right seasonal coat. We will also look in detail at the winter version, as the winter is not over yet, which means that I can't leave you without an up-to-date and modern, warm look.

If you already have a spring coat in your wardrobe and you will not buy anything, then you can better understand what to wear with a gray coat and take for yourself interesting ideas and new combinations. So, as you know, today we will focus on the basic women's gray coat. We will look at several models and find out what we think about the fashion combinations with this coat.

Gray coat color combinations?

Gray refers to those neutral colors that can be easily combined with women's clothing of any color, so you don't have to strain your brain, for example, when you're wondering what color will go with your gray coat. It will all depend on your personal preferences and which colors are best for you.

color combination with a gray coat

Tips for choosing a gray coat

When choosing the perfect coat style, you need to follow some simple recommendations. So what do we need to keep in mind?

1. Length - It's worth paying attention to first. Evaluate your wardrobe, see what you wear most often and what you plan to wear a gray coat, under what shoes. And if the knee-length coat was in vogue before, then the most universal length for today is mussel length, or mid-calf. This length will allow you not to bother with the choice of clothing under the coat. If you plan to combine a coat mainly with pants and jeans, then you can choose a shortened version. Also, such a coat is suitable for skirts and dresses with mussel length, but here you need to be more careful in the ratio of lengths. Also remember that a long coat lengthens the silhouette.

2. Sleeve width - If you like voluminous sweaters, warm wool shirts and often use layering when creating your look, be sure to pay attention to the armpits and sleeve width when choosing a gray coat. Give preference to loose wide sleeves, those with a built-in sleeve will not allow you to wear bulky clothes comfortably.

wide gray coat

So if we talk about what color scarf to wear your coat, then my answer is unequivocal - whatever. There are no separate recommendations, just see how the color harmoniously combines with all the colors of scarves in the image below.

colored scarves

When it comes to which hat to wear with a gray coat, there are many options. It can be a hat, a classic beret or a tweed or leather hood, the choice is yours.

Choose a gray coat with fur

There is little left until spring, so I suggest we start the show with a demi-season coat. I noticed that it is with the purchase of an up-to-date winter coat that difficulties often arise. Fur coats are not important now, but there are many such coats in stores. If you already have one and you like it, then, of course, you can wear it, just choose the other things for your modern look. Also, such coats often have an unbuttoned leather collar, which is exactly what you can do to make the coat appropriate. And if you still want to buy a coat with a leather collar, choose something similar to the one shown in the photo below.

coat with fur

What to combine with a voluminous gray coat?

The advantages of the voluminous coat are that you can easily wear it in many layers and it is enough to take it off to instantly transform with a new look. That's what I want to show you.

voluminous women's coat

What to combine with a double-breasted coat?

double-breasted gray coat

The double-breasted coat is very similar to a warm extended jacket, so the rules for the combination are similar. You can wear it with pants, as well as skirts and dresses, most importantly do not forget to observe the proportions. I suggest you create a romantic casual look with a double-breasted coat. The beige and caramel range goes great with the gray.


What to combine a gray coat with a belt?

coat with belt

The coat below the knee is probably the most classic coat model. It goes to everyone, without exception, the main thing is to choose your length. With this light gray model I suggest you create a modern spring look, suitable for those who are not afraid to stand out and easily integrate the trends in your wardrobe.

spring coat

Add modern beige leather pants to your gray coat and add an orange hat, one of the most fashionable colors of the spring-summer season. Complement the outfit with suede shoes, and shine like a real star with your new spring look.