Armani - a titan in the fashion industry.


Before we start talking about the Armani brand, I want to tell you a little more about the man who has been behind it for more than 40 years.

Giorgio Armani

shoes Armani

Giorgio Armani was born way back in 1934 on July 11 in the small provincial town of Piacenza in today's Italy.

Perhaps many of you will be surprised that at a young age he never imagined that he would be involved in fashion. He studied medicine for 3 years, but interrupted his studies to join the army. After realizing, that this is not for him either, he quit after 2 years of training in the army. In the meantime, he earned money from photography (many of you will say to yourself that it seems a bit frivolous to them :)).

You can't help but agree with me that nowadays many of us are looking for ourselves for many years and some even for a lifetime, but anyway now in essence.

After interrupting his military training, Giorgio became an assistant at La Rinascente in Milan, then one of the most luxurious and department stores in Europe.

However, his dizzying career began 6 years later, with an internship at La Rinascente, when he decided to create his own fashion brand.

Like any beginning, his was not easy either. He sold his car and borrowed money from friends and managed to present his clothing collection to the world in 1974.

Let's fast-forward a little to today, when almost everyone has a piece of his work in their wardrobe.

Now let's talk a little about its products.

In the collections of Giorgio Armani you can find almost everything or as they say "from chicken milk". Watches, glasses, perfumes, boxers, shoes, jewelry, clothes and much more.

You can recognize his products in the precision of every stitch. The details are so well made that you can't go wrong. However, there are some details that you have to look out for because the imitators are getting more and more popular every day. good.

1.Giorgio Armani Black Label collection products must be written on a black background with white letters. Giorgio Armani Classico - on a dark blue background with silver letters. Giorgio Armani Collezioni has a white label with black letters.

2.Giorgio Armani chose as his symbol the eagle is the symbol of power, so it must be well made and almost always embossed.

3. If the seams are ugly, it is certainly a fake.

4. If there are threads sticking out of the clothes or shoes, it is still a fake.

5. The packaging of Armani products should also indicate a problem to you, because the original Armani always arrives in a luxurious and carefully engraved box.

Now I will share my personal opinion of this brand. I recently bought a product from the Emporio Armani collection (EA7), which few people know is actually intended for young people between the ages of 20-35. Giorgio Armani's goal is to arouse young people's interest in fashion by offering extremely stylish products at an affordable price for everyone.

The shoes are really gorgeous. So stylish and they go with almost every outfit in my wardrobe. I can't hide the fact that they have become my favorite shoes in my wardrobe. That was the reason I wrote this article (this article is not sponsored).

parfume Armani

I had read somewhere that watches are actually Giorgio Armani's passion, so in his collection you can find the largest selection of them.

watch Armani

Now let's talk about the price, of course.

Armani's Black Label collection is his most expensive. I have looked at products from it, they are great, but not everyone can afford to buy something from this collection. However, the prices of his products from Armani Exchange and Emporio Armani collection are at more affordable prices and vary between EUR 100-500. In general, everything depends on the budget, but whichever product you choose will certainly be of high quality and carefully made.

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