Basic rules when choosing lingerie

Less is not always better

Beautiful, comfortable underwear is the best antidepressant. Understandably, beautiful, well-chosen bikinis and bras delight the eyes, correct the figure and increase self-confidence.

"The joy of buying good underwear is often greater than buying a new dress or pants," says Maria. "After all, we usually change our outerwear more regularly, and many save on underwear: they say you can't see it - and well, that's right." And this is a very big mistake! Our day starts with underwear, and the uniformity of the same bikini and bra definitely influences the mood throughout the day.

elastic underwear

But in order for the bed linen to bring joy and not create problems, it must be chosen correctly. Poorly chosen underwear can ruin any figure, whether expensive or cheap.

The biggest problem for our women is that they choose clothes not in their actual sizes, but in what they would like to have. And if such tricks sometimes work with outerwear, then underwear from such omissions does not forgive. Wearing clothes that are out of size, a woman, looking at herself in the mirror, is always dissatisfied with her figure: hated folds form where they really are not. As a result, the woman always feels her distant imperfection and often catches the "grief" with various benefits, which does not affect the figure in the best way.

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The main problem when choosing clothes is that the presented methods for determining your size do not work clearly, they can be used as a guide, but not as final figures on which to choose clothes.

Basic criteria for choosing underwear

1. Underwear should be chosen according to the figure . It should sit perfectly, no seams should be visible. No one needs to know what kind of underwear you are wearing if you do not undress. Unnecessary creases may form after washing. If you do not fit the size (for example, you have a hip 105 cm, and the manufacturer of the model has 104 cm and 106 cm), it is better to opt for a slightly larger size.

2. Underwear should be comfortable . If the bra "runs" somewhere while moving and you constantly have to adjust it, then it is not chosen correctly. If you come home at the end of the day with the idea of ​​taking off your bra faster, this is not your bra either.

3. The bra has to perform its main function - to support the breast , which is very important for women's health. And the size should be chosen correctly: the bra should not tighten you. The ideal option - between the sternum (in the area of ​​the solar plexus) and the bra should normally pass the finger. If you can't squeeze your finger under the bra or, conversely, slip two fingers into it, don't buy this bra. The breasts in the cups should fit perfectly, there should be no folds. If you have tight breasts, then the cup may be slightly larger than the breast itself. In all other cases, the cup should fit snugly against your chest without squeezing.

4. To make your breasts look beautiful, you need to lift them, not squeeze them . Often women with large breasts try to reduce it with the help of a minimizer, which makes the breast look smaller. But, unfortunately, they are designed in such a way that they distribute the breasts evenly on the torso. Both this and the other option look ugly, and sometimes comical. For such women it is better to stand models with fully closed cups and shaped.

5. Pay attention to your chest level . The higher they are, the better the posture and the younger the silhouette.

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6. When choosing a bra, you need to fasten it to the shoulder with a clasp . If the carrier tape is stretched, you can use the following clasp and extend the life of the product.

7. The larger the chest, the wider the straps should be

breathable lingerie

No need to fight in a tight frame when choosing underwear. Let's have sets of different styles, styles and colors. It works very well psychologically. A woman should have underwear for different clothes.

Under tight pants, for example, panties with ties are best. The other models will be visible on the seams, respectively will be ugly. But wearing only such panties daily is also wrong, it can be harmful to health.

sexy thongs

When choosing a bikini, keep in mind one characteristic: the wider the side - the shorter the leg will look, and vice versa, the shorter the side - the leg will look longer and thinner. For example, bikini pants shorten the legs and make them fuller than they really are. But they are the best option for some girls.

If you own a big belly, then it is better not to use too short bikinis. Even in short clothes you will look comical. In such cases, it is better to choose a bikini with an elastic waist or a little wider. Especially now in a retro style, with a high waist, which will help to adjust the figure.

underwear for obese women

Underwear must be functional. For example, if you have a bra with a bracelet (two circular triangles), it practically does not perform any supporting function. This model is only suitable for women with small breasts or for sleep and relaxation.

triangular underwear

It often happens that the cups sit well, and on the back you need to expand the connection or narrow it. If you have a wide back and not very big breasts, don't worry. The main thing is that the glass sits well, and you will easily adjust the connection at home before you go out.

If you are going to wear more transparent clothes, you should look at underwear as a set with outerwear. You should be comfortable in this underwear. You don't have to choose a size that makes it difficult to breathe - you won't be able to wear it.

We do not recommend:

1. Demonstrate lingerie by wearing it under overly transparent outerwear. This is inappropriate and ugly.

2. Use silicone straps. It looks awful! Under a dress with bare shoulders is better to choose a bra without straps. As a last resort, you can buy separately elegant straps, decorated with some decor, but not silicone. Silicone straps are just as bad as chain straps.

3. Do not wear ordinary clothes under transparent things (flowers, polka, etc.). It is better not to see the underwear under the clothes at all. The most acceptable and profitable option in this case is the smooth underwear in body color. And better show your super beautiful lace lingerie to your loved one - that will be the right thing to do.

How often do you change your underwear?

Underwear manufacturers give a shelf life for underwear: for bras - from 3 to 6 months, and for bikinis - up to 6 months. But as a rule, no one adheres to these conditions. Therefore, if your underwear has lost color, deforms, does not stretch or tear - do not keep it but throw it away.

Clothing has a certain functional and psychological significance and should always be appropriate. I am for elegance and simplicity. In my opinion, style is when you are interested in watching, studying, noticing some moments, some accessories, etc. This is much more interesting than copying a catwalk style.