Swimsuit choice theory.

There are many materials written about the "right" choice of swimsuit. There are even rules for the ratio of the shapes of female figures and swimsuits, visualized with the help of infographics. In theory, this seems to be all: just determine your body type and use the ready-made solution proposed by professionals. In practice, however, this is not the case, so each of us must formulate our own rules.

In theory, all female figures are divided into 5 types: "pear", "apple", "rectangle", "inverted triangle", "clock". In practice, each of them can be "squeezed" with great stretch in these fruit-geometric frames - each of them has too many individual and therefore distinctive characteristics.

blue swimsuit

For all types of figures, stylists have chosen appropriate styles for swimsuits. Hourglass - a figure with a pronounced waist - experts recommend a bikini (open swimsuit with a bra with thin straps and small panties). "apple" - the opposite of "watch" - (swimsuit in the form of a top), retro (separate swimsuit with a very high waist) or whole or separate swimsuit. "Pear" - a figure with a voluminous hip - it is recommended to wear a swimsuit with neck ties or a bra from a separate swimsuit or a complete swimsuit without attached elements on the neck. "Inverted triangle" - the opposite of "pear" - it is advisable to wear bras or full swimsuits with wide or asymmetrical straps, models with edges, ruffles, shorts or float-skirts.

However, in practice it turns out that monokinis can make a rectangular figure even more angular. ladies with a pear-shaped body.

When choosing a swimsuit, you only need to be guided by your mind if you want to get the best results.

Step One: Define the purpose of the swimsuit. That is, where you intend to wear this swimsuit: swimming, sunbathing, spending time in a certain public place or in a specific place with a clearly marked dress code, such as a beach party or a luxury spa hotel or to accompany your child to the water park.

thick swimsuit set

Step Two: A clear understanding of the features of a swimsuit, according to your needs, will help to set objective requirements for its quality and manufacturer. For example, if you plan to dive frequently or spend time regularly at the water amusement park with children, you should buy a swimsuit from reliable sports brands that invest in technological improvement of fabrics and in the development of designs for models of activities. If you are planning a tour of fashion resorts or a trip with an expensive sea cruise, then you should choose a swimsuit from famous fashion brands, once you know which of the latest fashion trends you want to follow.

Step 3: Determine the amount you're willing to spend on a swimsuit.

Step 4: Imagine how you want to look in a swimsuit - stand out from the crowd, attract attention or fit in, look younger, less serious or more gorgeous, etc. .n.

Step 5: Consider future beachwear, that is, determine the color scheme of the swimsuit so that it can be easily combined with existing accessories or clothing, if necessary.

Following each step of the "rational choice" you will successfully filter: inappropriate styles, fabrics, brands, colors. After all, there is a huge selection of models on the Internet. If you want, you can check the usefulness of the theoretical recommendations on the selection of styles and see for yourself the suitability of all those who have passed the intermediate selection of swimsuits.

In the end, the perfect swimsuit is the one that will solve the tasks assigned to it 100%. Once again, we would like to remind our dear readers to be guided by common sense when choosing a swimsuit.