Important tips when choosing baby socks.

thick baby socks

We've talked a lot about what clothes babies should wear, now let's talk a little bit about baby socks.

Without exaggerating today, the choice of baby socks is huge. You can find a variety of socks in composition, color and style. Indisputably small and bright socks painted with a variety of funny patterns are extremely attractive to most mothers and many of them they want to buy loads of them, but the truth is that socks are for children and first of all they should be comfortable.

You buy green, blue, red and other colored socks without thinking about what problem this will create when washing. Of course, if the socks are synthetic, then they will keep their color much longer.

Babies catch cold much more often, so even in summer they have to wear socks. This is because of their age and usually passes after the 3rd year, but until then you need to create comfort and warmth for the fragile baby feet.< /p>

The best choices for baby socks are wool and cotton. Here I want to add that low quality cotton socks become rough and prickly to the touch after a few washes, so buy high quality fabrics.

Baby wool socks are usually worn over tights, but even with this combination, pure wool can irritate baby's delicate skin, so buy only high-quality wool with a little elastane added.

Avoid 100% synthetic products. Children's feet will sweat and be cold in such an unnatural material, so please, dear moms, do not be tempted by the beautiful designs on the socks. It is enough to buy white high-quality socks to be yours kid happy.

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