Reusable protective masks

Sewing face masks to order

Atelier "LW Fashion" sews reusable face masks. We are ready to fulfill an order of 1 to 10,000 pieces in a short time.

The protective mask is made of natural cotton in 3 or 2 layers. Upper layer that maintains its shape well after washing (does not shrink) and almost does not fade. The mask is attached to the face with an elastic band, rubber band or fabric braid (hat elastic band), depending on the cut and requirements of the client with a diameter of 2 mm.

We will make a batch of reusable face masks. Fast and high-quality execution of the order at the best price in England.

protective high quality face mask

Protective modern face masks. How we are ready to help:

People have different face sizes, so we recommend sewing standard or slightly enlarged fabric masks (for a fuller figure). This is especially important when ordering large batches. This does not change the price of the product.

We offer 3 main types of masks:

1. Anatomical mask in 2 layers with elastic d 2 mm.

2. Anatomical mask in 2 layers with a pocket in the middle with the possibility of placing gauze or other protective equipment for additional filtration of your choice.

2. Simple mask (accordion) in 1/2 layer.

We can offer you our models with our fabrics or you can order masks with colors of your choice and with material from you.

In our studio we are ready to:

- sew a batch of masks of the desired color and pattern.

- we adapt the mask model to the customer's requirements.

- Apply a logo to the mask.

modern protective masks

Choosing a fabric for making face masks

For the production of masks, we recommend production with natural cotton fabrics. These fabrics are usually non-allergic and breathable.

The most popular colors for face masks are black, gray, dark blue, beige or green.

custom masks

Manufacture of reusable masks.

Our tailoring studio has created a successful process for the production of reusable masks. Although the product looks simple and easy visually, making a high-quality reusable mask is a very difficult task.

We have developed a comfortable anatomically shaped model so that our masks do not put pressure on the nose and are comfortable to wear. To do this, we had to sew about 20 preliminary samples. Only after a series of tests did we find the right solution.

Mask support.

How long can a mask be worn?

* We recommend changing the masks every 2-3 hours.

How should you take care of your masks?

* hand wash at a temperature no higher than 40 degrees.

* ironing at 130-160 degrees, as with ordinary cotton fabrics.

Can masks be welded?

No, you can't boil the masks. The mask may have a sewn rubber cord, which will lose its elastic properties during cooking, will start to crack and break.

Is our product certified?

No, our products are not certified. Our masks are not medical devices.

Can you send photos of your mask models?

* Yes, you can. All you have to do is contact us and we will send you all the current models.

Terms of order for sewing reusable masks.

The order is discussed by email or phone. We use all messengers: WhatsApp, Viber, Messenger. Then:

1.Choose the mask model.

2.Choose the color of the mask.

3.Choose the color of the elastic (cord).

4. We receive 40% advance payment.

5.We send the products to.

What about delivery?

We will deliver the order according to the tariffs of the transport company at the expense of the client.

How about the weather?

It all depends on the number of items in the order. As a rule, we sew about 100 masks in 2 days, but we can always agree on an urgent order.

How much do fabric face masks cost? Email us in a private message to give you a specific offer.

The price of the mask does not change from the number of products in the order (no wholesale discounts):

Protective face masks