Leather skirt - a classic in the genre

long leather skirt

Leather skirts are a must-have in every lady's wardrobe. If you make the right choice, you will enjoy for a long time the wonderful skirt made of leather. How to choose and where to buy - read on ladiesworld.eu

These skirts have long ceased to be something extravagant and "only for the brave". Today, they have almost become casual wear. And one can not but enjoy it. The luxurious leather skirt is a guarantee of a stylish look, and also fits perfectly into the autumn-winter wardrobe. Let's figure out how to choose the right gender so we don't regret it later.

Leather skirt is a product for which you should not save money. That is, if you want the skirt to be not just for one season, but to enjoy it for several years, then you need to take natural leather of good quality. In terms of style, the most versatile are pencil, mussel or mini skirts. Better not experiment with color: natural shades, such as brown, graphite, black, dark green or even burgundy, are timeless. The price of a good leather skirt is definitely not low, so you can look for one at the sales. And, of course, do not forget about second-hand warehouses or shops. There is a high probability that you will find a real find there at a low price.

The Internet is full of faux leather products. And, of course, sometimes they are made even better than natural analogues. Leather is replaced mainly by a material called polyurethane. So, if it is of good quality, it can withstand even extreme temperatures. Poor polyurethane is suitable only at ambient temperatures higher than 0 degrees, otherwise cracks will form on the skirt and the top layer will begin to fall. The advantage of artificial leather is that it does not absorb as many odors as natural. And you can even wash the product in a delicate wash machine, although this is rarely necessary.

Extremely popular women prefer to wear skirts made of artificial leather.

Какво може да се комбинира с кожена пола?

1. Combining with jumpers, sweaters and sweatshirts. Ideal components of a casual look for the cold season.

2. Combining with blouses and tops. You can even have flowers or animal prints. But then the skirt should be Puritan in length and without unnecessary ornaments in the form of large slits.

3. Denim. Or rather denim shirts and jackets. And it doesn't matter if you combine a top, a denim shirt or a cowboy version of a denim jacket with a skirt. In any case, it should be clear that denim and leather are best friends.

Now let's find out why you shouldn't wear leather skirts , because it can not only ruin your image, but also your reputation.

1. Lace tight blouses. The combination of leather and lace looks ridiculous, and we do not recommend this combination at all. You can use this outfit in very rare cases, such as themed parties, where no one will take you seriously, but in everyday life you avoid such clothing.

2. Leather things look very strange in combination with other leather things. In fact, we do not want to limit you, but rather to warn you. You should not combine leather wardrobe items with each other, especially if they are the same color. It just doesn't look pretty or cool. You don't want to look like a Terminator, do you?

3. Body-colored tights. The combination drives me crazy. If you like transparent tights, then choose the dark ones: black, graphite, brown, burgundy ... In general, avoid the effect of bare feet. This is only suitable in the summer, but then there is no point in wearing tights.

When choosing a leather skirt, give preference to lined models. The lining will prevent the skirt from stretching, which means that your look will always be neat and elegant.

The texture of the leather skirt is important. If a woman dares to buy a leather skirt, then, without a doubt, the skirt should be of the highest quality: the skin should be smooth and soft, the seams should be neat and tight. One of the latest trends are skirts made of sewn leather or with elements of sewn leather. Decorative stitches soften the deliberate aggression of the skin. The sewn leather skirt is a bit more voluminous compared to its elegant counterpart. This is an important note for those who can not afford the extra inches in the waist and hips.