Blouses: fashion trends

Every stylish woman has at least one blouse in her wardrobe. This is a basic thing that is at the same time simple, elegant and universal. But in the variety of models presented today, you can just get lost. That's why we offer you a focused overview of the most interesting blouses and fashion trends this year!

formal blouse

Which model should I choose?

There are so many styles and varieties of modern women's blouses that it is simply impossible to list them all. Therefore, we consider the most biased options. In addition to traditional blouses, formal models are relevant today.

cotton blouse

Blouse - American model

The blouse with this name is a sleeveless model, popularized in the 50s of the twentieth century by movie star Marilyn Monroe. Today, when many fashion items from different retro eras are becoming current trends, "American" is a great way to emphasize your femininity.

sleeveless blouse

Such blouses can be straight, tight or loose silhouette. The collar is made in different variations. American blouse is good for both business style and romantic look.

American type blouse

Kimono Blouse

This model is a fashion trend for oriental style. A modern blouse with a kimono has loose one-piece sleeves, usually long sleeves with no cuffs. Waist - traditional or high. Deiolte is usually a "boat". The classic length is up to the middle of the thigh, but modern models are also found in shortened variations.

kimono blouse

Such blouses were originally made of natural silk fabrics and decorated with patterns and embroidery. Therefore, the traditional kimono has a satin structure and is rarely performed in a monophonic version.

satin blouse

Blouse with dropped shoulder

This blouse is perfect for creating a romantic look . Suitable for slender girls who want to emphasize their femininity. Bare beautiful shoulders or protruding collarbones is a modern trend.

blouse with one shoulder

Most often, blouses with a dropped shoulder have straight or voluminous short sleeves. They are sewn from ethereal light fabrics that coquettishly fall down. Their length is usually classic or shortened, there are longer models. They can be either minimalist or have many decorative elements, such as edges, lace upholstery, etc.

blouse with decoration

This model can be called an enhanced version of the previous one. Even more outspoken, even more seductive.

The delicate range will look great with denim elements, whether it's jeans or skirts. Such blouses often have voluminous sleeves, so the look must be balanced with them: excessive volume at the bottom of the garment will be useless here.

blouse with voluminous sleeves

One-shoulder blouse

Another seductive model. A blouse that exposes only one shoulder, as well as the two options described above, are a great basis for a romantic summer look. The fabric can be airy or denser. The length of the sleeves is any: from the shortest to the length of the entire sleeve.

blouse with one sleeve

In this case, the sleeve itself can be simple or end with a cuff. Ruffles, shuttlecocks, etc. - any such decoration is suitable here. It is worth paying attention not only to the monophonic options, but also to the models with embroidery or beads, ribbons, etc.

Blouse with yoke

Such a blouse can be of any style: short or long sleeves, with buttons or one whole. But in any case, the model of the yoke looks very feminine and sophisticated. A blouse with a yoke is suitable in any situation: in the office, on vacation, in everyday activities (shopping, meeting friends, etc.).

lace blouse

Only color and style will adapt to the situation. It can be a simple shirt or a romantic blouse made of thin light fabric, colors - from classic to the use of stylish prints and bright colors.

Blouse with elastic waist

Such blouses have a wide neckline or a short clasp reaching to the chest.

The most spectacular models are with bat sleeves, classic or 3/4, and with similar elastic bands in the cuffs.

Such blouses can be not only from traditional fabrics (light, ethereal, translucent), but also from thin knitwear or thick cotton. The length of such blouses varies from traditional to long (up to mid-thigh).

Air elastic blouse

Blouses with non-standard cuts

The way the blouse should be cut depends on its style. So, a business blouse implies the presence of a collar - stand, unwrap, etc. Street, casual or ethnic (folk) style allows for a round neck.

Blouse with cut neckline

However, if we are talking about the favorites of today's fashion collections, then these are, of course, blouses with a V-neck!

Modern models allow different depth and angle of the neckline in the form of "V", but any such blouse will look extremely stylish and up-to-date.

Blouse with a deep neckline

The sleeves of the women's blouse differ in the first place in length, which can be:

* traditional

* 3/4 ​​

* 1/4

* very short

Depending on the method of connection to the blouse, the sleeves can be complete, raglan, single or combined.

In this case, the types of sleeves can be distinguished as follows:

shirt (traditional sleeve ending in a simple cuff);

amadis (wide and long, framed with a high and narrow cuff);

butterfly (very short, quite wide, hot, with a wavy edge);

balloon (great sleeve due to wide cut and cuffs on elastic band);

flashlight with sleeves (very voluminous and short, ends with a narrow cuff);

bat (very wide from the shoulder, sharp narrowing from the elbow to the wrist);

blouse with wide sleeves

gutter (very narrow, fits snugly on the arm);

kimono (very wide, no cuffs, free cut);

bell (long, wide, unfolded down);

wing (very short and adjacent sleeves - when the sleeves look cut off);

petal (length ¼, but covers only the shoulder and the axillary remains naked);

slit (can be traditional length or ¾, the slit goes on the outside of the sleeve).

bat type blouse

Blouse Decoration

Among all the possible ways to decorate clothes today, it should be noted some particularly popular decorative elements that are found on women's blouses.

blouse with decor

Scarf . It is available as a sewing option, which has an extremely decorative function, but no less common are the models whose necklines end with two wide ribbons tied with a scarf. Decoration also plays a practical role here.

blouse with decorative scarf

Collar . The collar with this finish is very original, but at the same time universal. Suitable for fashionable women of all ages and styles, suitable for almost any situation.

blouse with collar

Embroidery . An element actively used by designers in recent years. Most embroidered blouses come in ethnic or oriental style.

embroidery for blouse

In addition, stylists have many other decorative means:


ties or butterflies;


stripes and applications;

zippers on the back, etc.

Blouse Length

In this category, the variety of blouse models is not small. Four common groups can be distinguished:

Long blouse . More appropriate in an informal setting, as they do not combine at all with a strict vision. They can be plain or covered with interesting prints, transparent or thick fabrics. This model can be considered old-fashioned, although today young girls gravitate more towards it than older ladies.

knee-length blouse

Medium length blouse . The classics of the genre are models with standard length. They combine great in strict office looks, and in frivolous romantic models, and in some unusual cuts. This length is suitable for everyone. The main thing is the well-chosen bottom of the blouse.

Office blouse

Short shirt . Option for young, weak and brave girls. Short blouses can hardly cover the navel and even show it. An abbreviated version is also possible, which repeats the classic model (except for the length).

blouse with a navel

Asymmetrical blouse . Asymmetry turned into a classic. This fashionable extension of the blouses at the back ceased to be a novelty and became commonplace. Now every modern girl should have in her wardrobe a blouse with a classic at first glance cut, but with asymmetry in the back.

Most asymmetry models are made of translucent fabric, they have no sleeves, and the collar must be decorated with something (beads, rivets, etc.).

What blouses fit a corset?

The optimal model of blouse that can be worn under the corset should be considered for any variation. Sleeve length and width are not so important.

There may be decorative elements at the top of the blouse (lace, beads, embroidery, leather appliques, etc.).

blouse with corset

The business style is a white and black duo of a simple blouse and corset. The party option is translucent fabrics and styles that open the back.

black corset

Shirt type blouse

A shirt blouse will help you create a business look. The blouse for office dress code should be minimalist and simple.

Every day the vision can be built with more interesting models. There is room for experimenting with colors and sophisticated styles.

Oriental style includes satin fabrics, silk, translucent materials, embroidery, art painting. Suitable for evening outings.

Blouse with folklore motifs, fringe, flowing fabrics and muted colors. Blouses in this style are now at the peak of popularity. They are suitable for any informal setting.

Types of blouse fabrics

Modern women's blouses are made of different materials. The most popular models are now made of satin, silk, viscose, cotton, jacquard.

In summer, models with lace and cotton or "gauze" type are very relevant. In winter, you can wear blouses made of thicker fabrics - denim, thin knitwear and even leather.

lace blouse

Combination of materials

Variations of mixed fabrics always look very interesting. Denim and leather, cotton and lace, chiffon and satin, linen and suede - the most unimaginable combinations are possible this season. In the cold season you can wear a blouse made of thin fabric with leather lining.

Don't be afraid of bold experiments! Even if the model combines what you think are incompatible textures, this is only in your favor - eclecticism is still in vogue.

leather blouse

Color schemes

Blouses in black, white, gray, navy blue, as well as any shade of brown tones, today are considered classic and are suitable for both office look and other occasions.

White blouse

Romantic girls can wear all kinds of pastel variations: milk, cream, pale pink, pale blue, muted yellow, vanilla. Of the brighter colors, olive, peach, coral, turquoise, and orange are more relevant.

To create a mysterious look, look at a burgundy blouse or a deep blue pattern. Variations in brick or sand color are possible.

Blouse with prints

Bright print - the eternal rival of monochrome! Another season animal and plant motifs are leading - models of leopard, tiger, snake compete in popularity with the vision of flowers, greenery and fruits.

Leopard blouse

A blouse for a young girl is a beautiful canvas on which other "arts" can be placed - hearts, repetitive inscriptions, lipstick prints or characters from famous cartoons - such art is still relevant today.

Don't forget about geometric prints! Stripes, cells or abstract figures are in the latest fashion trends.

blouse with lipstick prints

Designer models

Of all the variety of modern blouses, the wide models stand out significantly. The convenience in this current trend are combined with beauty and elegance. Free-cut blouses, depending on the material and color, will be suitable in any environment.

designer blouse

Models can vary in sleeve length, neckline and collar color, but any body blouse is a winning asset in your hand!

Official models

For any celebration will be suitable blouse made of transparent fabric, with lace, with various inserts of accompanying fabrics (leather, fur, denim - depending on the season). Blouses with sleeves decorated with patterns look very original. Blouses with mesh sleeves are also relevant today.

blouse with mesh sleeves

All fashionable decorative elements that are fashionable today, which we have already mentioned above (prints, applications, embroidery, etc.), will be useful for your celebration. Asymmetrical blouses, long, with bare shoulders and even a back - this is what stylists offer us to wear for celebrations this year.

Fashion Trends and News

The brightest trends this season can be identified the following elements inherent in modern women's blouses:

* collar;

* voluminous shirts;

* detachable sleeves;

* curves, folds, edges;

* lace;

* free silhouette;

* close with layering;

* transparency;

* airiness;

* combination of incompatible materials

air blouse

Blouse for an elegant look

Elegant classic - white top, black bottom. The pants have a tight silhouette. High-heeled shoes and a light clutch bag complete this look, so elegant and versatile.

pink blouse

Romantic blouse that combines almost all current trends - transparency, floral print, short sleeves, V-neck, loose fit. The bottom of the vision is designed in the same range, has a snug silhouette. Massive bracelets and modern aviators in silver make the image rich and complete.

Blouses with original prints look equally good with elegant skirts and unisex jeans.

blouse with print

You can find the latest models of women's blouses in our online store.