Fashion for pregnant women

Finally we publish the long-awaited article on fashion for pregnant women :)

Dear girls, as a mother of two, I tried to tell in detail about the peculiarities of choosing clothes for this wonderful period.

I hope you find this article useful!

A woman who is expecting a baby is especially beautiful. It is during this period that the qualities that are inherent in our nature are most clearly revealed. Femininity, charm, universal love captivate us. Of course, at this moment we are facing certain difficulties. One of these difficulties is our wardrobe, when we realize that most of the clothes with each passing month begin to be tight.

In this article I will tell you how to stay stylish during pregnancy, as well as give you practical advice on how to create a functional wardrobe that will work for you even after the birth of the baby.

What your wardrobe should include during pregnancy.

When designing your wardrobe, give preference to color rather than intricate cut. Straight-line clothes at the beginning of pregnancy may look good, but such models will wrinkle and crease more and more with each passing month.

tunics for pregnant women
pants for pregnant women

Your figure will visibly change during pregnancy, so it is better to decorate it with clothes made of high quality natural fabrics and simpler cuts. This will make you feel comfortable.

In the last few years, loose, straight-cut clothes have become fashionable. In such clothes you will look good during and after pregnancy.

elegant blouse for pregnant women

You can buy such things in any online clothing store. You don't even have to shop in a special store for pregnant women, which are known for their unsympathetic assortment. Just stop paying attention to uniform clothes and see what a really large selection of clothes for this period you will find in the most common and familiar online stores!

In brands such as ZARA, H&M and many others, including specialized, you will find skirts and pants with an elastic waistband that will take the shape of your round belly. It's very convenient!

dresses women expecting a baby

Avoid clothes made of dense inelastic fabrics. As your body size changes rapidly, it is best to leave such clothes on a shelf in your wardrobe until better times come for your figure.

When choosing clothes with a straight cut, do not overdo your choice of shapeless clothes. Remember that the more you want to hide your pregnancy under oversized clothes, the bigger you will look in it.

If you still want to hide your figure in the early stages of pregnancy, a few simple tricks will help.

Pay attention to blouses and knitwear that do not emphasize the waist. You can find a huge variety of such blouses. Just go around the shops or look for the things you need online.

knitted blouses for pregnant women
cropped blouses

A blazer or vest with different incisions and slits will help hide your tummy.

vests for pregnant women

Dressed in "old-fashioned" style jackets run the risk of not feeling comfortable and can also emphasize a rounded waist.

Straight-cut dresses perfectly mask the first signs of a wonderful pregnancy.

Another important point that is appropriate for many is to wear or not to wear tight things during pregnancy. If you look at the world's stars, they actively wear tight-fitting clothes during pregnancy, wanting to emphasize their round belly.

short elegant and modern dresses

I believe that tight-fitting things will suit slender girls who have not gained weight during pregnancy. Only in this case, the knitted dress will look beautiful on you and you will inform the whole world about the upcoming event in your life, without forgetting the sense of style.

During pregnancy you should pay special attention to the shoes, because my feet were swollen and I could not wear almost anything. Everything is very individual!

From a medical point of view, wear low-heeled or flat shoes and follow your doctor's recommendations.

shoes for pregnant women

By the way, doctors do not recommend wearing shoes with flat soles. From an orthopedic point of view, these are the wrong shoes. It will put extra strain on your legs.

Don't forget about the dresses. During this period, a knitted and elastic dress that you can wear after pregnancy is ideal for you, as well as a dress with a high waist and a loose fit.

dresses for pregnant women in the 9th month

Knitted or cashmere sweater dress is another practical model that you can wear throughout pregnancy. And, of course, a cocoon dress! In such moments you will be very comfortable.

If the office dress code does not allow the sweater dress, then straight-cut blouses or draped blouses, slightly loose shirts, comfortable skirts and pants with an elastic belt (will not be visible under the top) will help you again. plain knitwear, blazers and dresses.

wide and loose dresses

If you find it difficult to find a blouse or dress with sleeves, then you can always throw a vest over your shoulders!

You can wear low-heeled shoes for important meetings, but be sure to bring an extra pair of comfortable shoes with you.

In the cold season, an extended down jacket will keep you warm. Choose the right size depending on the size of your tummy. A soft cashmere coat enveloping pattern is also perfect for you.

jacket for pregnant women

You can wear a slightly wide and open coat with a straight cut, but you will not be very warm with it and your belly will not fit into such a coat!

coat for expectant mothers

It's fun, but many pregnant girls fit perfectly into their clothes throughout their pregnancy. During my first pregnancy, I wore my usual clothes, just tied a belt around my coat and jackets a little higher. During my second pregnancy I gained more than 20 kg and in case of a cold or flu I saved myself with the down jacket from the online store LW Fashion. They offer a great variety of this model, only the colors change. Two length options. The long jacket I bought from them looked like a huge blanket, but it had an interesting cut in the back area, and I tied it with a belt to make the back look smooth. LW Fashion coats and jackets are generally a good choice for pregnant women!

You can definitely be fashionable during pregnancy! Accessories will always help you create a stylish look and attract attention.

Elegant bag, stylish glasses, watches, beautiful scarves and hats - all this will help you to be irresistible and use almost everything in your wardrobe.

Fashionable clothes for women who are about to become mothers

Holidays and celebrations are a great reason to walk around in an empire style dress with a high waist.

Empire style dresses for pregnant girls

Never neglect your own body and hair and take good care of them. Cosmetics for this period must be extremely safe for the health of the unborn child.

Girls this is a wonderful time! I wish you to cope without swelling and stretch marks, to enjoy every day and to make others happy with your appearance!

Remember that pregnant women are wonderful!

When I was "very pregnant", even passing cars called me a sexy mom! It was funny, but damn nice.

I felt like an unreal beauty even with 20 extra pounds and a huge waist. I wish you

And the most important thing I want to wish you dear future mothers is to be healthy and light pregnancy.